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D2B Fibre Optic Cable

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Hi Guys

My voice module and D2B fibre optic cable arrived from Eurojags today, but the fibre optic cable has an extra lead on it that I can't find any reference as to what it connects to.

It has head unit - CDC-phone-voice-DVD-amp-rear/ice-head unit.

So the extra bit is the rear/ice fibre optic connector, what is this and what does it connect to, I thought he amp was the last one on the network?

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I think you you may find it was for the rear controls which are an option rear switch pack on the XJ cars I did not think they were an option on the S-type?
Yes that's a connector for the rear media controls in the XJ, which is last on the network. My XJR has the same cable in it, but it has a little loop of fiber optic cable to blank it off cause I don't have the rear controls.

If you don't have one of those loops (I got one with my ACM, but it's now installed in the X-Type) you can just remove that section following Westvilles guides

Jim's Little Black Book - Variety of Useful Tips & Routines for X-Type Owners - HERE
D2B Fibre Optic Cables - HERE
Thanks Barney & Cambo

At least I know I can remove this link and it's not needed in the s-type.

I do have 1 looped fibre optic cable on my current cable blanking off the voice/phone connector, but I'll need that to blank off the amp connection when I install both Bluetooth and voice.

Only installing voice first as I need to save up for the Bluetooth rear module, then I'll swap over the fibre optic cables.

Unless anyone has a spare fibre optic loop cable I can buy off them?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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