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deactivating the alarm without the remote and using just the key

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Hi there,

I have a small problem with my Jaguar X-Type alarm system. Sometimes the remote will not lock or unlock my car... I have replaced the battery with a new one and still no go. Some days it works fine and some days it’s just like the remote battery is dead...

If the alarm is on and the remote doesn’t work if I open the driver’s door with key I can hear small beeping sound for around 20 sec then all hell breaks loose and the alarm sounds. Do I only have 20 sec to start the car after the driver’s door is open, or should the alarm be deactivated with the turn of the key, and no sound when I open the driver's?

What the correct procedure for deactivating the alarm without the remote? And could my remote be on its last legs...

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Hi, yes once you have unlocked the car and open the drivers door you have 20 odd seconds before the alarm goes off. You dont need to start the car, just put the key in the ignition and turn to position II run

Hi there,

Thanks for the quick response... Should keep the neighbours happy now!!! if I turn it once to the front of the car only the drivers door open how do I get it to unlock all the doors? turn the key twice maybe???

No problem. As your fob has its days when it doesn't work you can only unlock your drivers door with the key. Once you have unlocked the drivers door, and turned key in igniton, knock the lock button in on your door, then the central locking will release all doors
try spraying WD40 in the ignition barrel. if the little flap does not close then the fob will not work.
Sorry i didn't read your reply properly :| lol. That way i said above does work, but i think also if you turn the key twice in the lock it might unlock all doors. But beware, if a passenger opens a door before you put the key in the ignition, the alarm will sound!

Mroldspice has a good point also...
I had this problem with my key a while back, I found tapping it would make it work. In the end I re-programmed it and it's been fine ever since.
Hi Redfox666,

How do I re-programme the key? and can I say thanks to all the replays.

I had the exact same problem as you mate and it was the flap in the ignition barrel. Lubricate the barrel with either wd40 or preferably 3 in 1 and the problem will be solved. It worked for me.
Hi all,

Yep its the flap in the ignition barrel... A bit of 3 in 1 and now solved

Many thanks to everybody:D
Hi there, I had the same problem and I got a new alarm key and I found out how to programe it on the forum by turning your ignition on and off three times very quickly with the door shut and you hear a bleep sound and then press any button on the alarm key and the bleep should sound again and it is done. It worked for me.
Another problem solved :D
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