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Hey everyone, so as years pass my 2015 CLA45 lost its value by almost 50%, while windows shopping at a jag dealer, i was offered a straight swap deal with a 2017 XE Prestige 20d.

So my CLA45 is 2015 and at 40k KM, had tons of problems, i had to change dealers and all that .

And this XE is certified, looks beautiful , 2017 , and only at 6k KM. I was offered both V6 option(v6 option is premium not prestige and lacking some heating options which is needed since i live in Canada) and diesel option as a straight swap but i am tired of filling up my gas tank every week, sometimes twice every week for the AMG and it is really costly.( I am around 250$ gas cost every month) So i am considering the diesel version.( yes i know its slow but it is what it is

The car has head up display,vision package, convenience package but not tech package. it also has a metallic blue paint. and beige interior.

Considering my 2015 CLA45 is at 40k km, should i do this straight swap with a 2 years newer and less KM car?

I am not comparing speeds obviously, but i am comparing comfort/luxury and value.

I also think if i keep my AMG , in the upcoming years i will have harder time selling it out as it deprecates fast. So i can't decide.

( They offered me 4year/80k warranty but i will insist on the extended 6 year/160k warranty)
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