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Dension and ACM

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I stumbled across this web-page in searching for more info about the ACM.

A Dension/ACM compatibility table:

and links to upgrade info for the S,X and XJ and also XK models:
Dension - Jaguar

I guess this proves the ACM is the Dension unit (not that there was a huge amount of doubt)

What I'm not sure about, and can't really find conclusive proof regarding, is whether there's any significant difference between the ACM and the Gateway 500 units.
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It's a Dension D2B Gateway 500. Compatible system is the Mercedes gateway unit. I upgraded to the latest GW500 D2B firmware which is a lot newer than the last Jaguar specific firmware. the latest update allows greater iPhone compatibility and gets rid of any screen locking on the iPhone when being used with the ACM. I bought an official ACM unit from a jag dealer as the non jag GW500's I found were more expensive and wouldn't have contained the correct fibre cables. Updated with the non jag firmware no problem!
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