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Diagnostic Reader & Live data

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Can anyone recommend any hand scanners to work on a 2001 XJR please.

I had a INNOVA 3100 years ago, and it wouldn't work on this model year.

I could do with one which gives live readings rather than just fault codes.
It stalled on the way home today and was not happy. :( Did not turn the ecu light on.

With a battery disconnect/reconnect I got home.

Would be happy with a bluetooth product.

happy to purchase from ebay.

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I have just purchased an ELM327 which is bluetooth & runs on my android Galaxy Note & gives plenty of viewing options! & I am also considering getting rid of my Scanguage which is plug in display guage which will also read & clear logged codes.
Been doing a bit of reasearch. I recently got an iPhone which means you have to pay about £30 ontop of the tool for the app ! :rolleyes:
Resulting in about £100.

Thinking of one of these:

Gendan GCR25 Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool (with CAN support)
Andy it's got the same functions as a Memoscan U581 just £20 dearer...
If you have an android buy an app called Torque BHP and an Elm27 Bluetooth OBDii transmitter (£13 ebay)
Now you have a dtc code reader,dozens of live gauges (even shows turbo boost on mine),track recorder,etc etc etc
If you havent got an android you can get one with txts/mins/daya for around 50p/mth after cashback (if I can find the comparison site again!
I bought one of those ebay ones, and torque for my android HTC sensation and could not get it to work at all :-(
what year is your car oldpoint?
sorry, should have mentioned its 1999 - I could get the phone to "see" the adaptor, but while it would pair none of the programs I tried would sync with it. Probably does not work too well on the older cars.
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