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Diesel economy chip tuning box.

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Has anyone any experience of these and if so what is your opinion please ?
Looking at the links below in ebay but unsure if they are worth the money, circa £80.

I do about a thousand miles a week so a reasonable fuel saving would be nice .

jaguar x type diesel economy | eBay
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I recently fitted the CR Tech £78 one to my 2.0 diesel

Has a little more power in the overtaking portion of the rev range, but not a huge change.

Doesn't seem to be any different in fuel, unless you trust the now none reliable computer.

Just done 2 weeks driving, same route, same miles 600 each week, 1 with box fitted, 1 without, and to be honest, If I hadn't known, I couldn't tell you which week was which easily

I'm a 'sprited' driver, point and squirt on A roads, and hanging around 80 mph on motorways.

I'll be towing my caravan soon, and hope the little extra power I've noticed, makes itself more obvious with the extra load.

If not, I should be abe to flog it on and not lose too much in the process.

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I have bought one of these bad boys, about 2 months ago. Not fitted it yet as I need a few things looking at first such as having the pulley tensioner thingy doing this weekend so it doesnt sound like a london taxi, front ARB bushes being done at same time, need manifold looking at with a view to a spruce up, and my jag mechanic is going to hook her up to his diagnoctic machine that makes him richer and me poorer. So I didnt really want this piece of kit floaring around the engine bay at the same time.

I have seen varying reviews as to whether they are good or not, of course the issues on insurance validity is a concern, and whether or not you should get a more expnsive re-map done where you can ask for a more economical setting if thats what your after.

The last post by "toys4x4boys" doesnt sound like a good advert for one though. Mind you my £80 gadget is still in the packaging it came in so, am I getting any return on my £80? erm, I'd have to answer that with a "NO - But hope to start getting some results when I get round to plugging the thing in".
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Well I bought one 2nd hand CR Tech one fitted it and its really unbeleivable the difference in torque is mental everyone who gets in the car says its so much faster than before and on a run where I was getting 45mpg albeit in the dead of winter im now getting 60mpg on the exact same run at the same speed
What model X-Type do you have ?

Can you check which setting the box is on ?

Fair play, I'd love a 33% MPG increase and an unbelievable torque increase, perhaps mine is set wrong ?
I would check your brim to brim fuel economy as the tuning box fools the ECU by modifying the fuel pressure data it sees which increases MPG readings on the dash messaging centre.You should still be getting more just not as much as you might be led to believe by the dash MPG reading
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