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Difference between an XJ8 and a Sovereign + question on chain tensioners

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First post on this forum hoping someone can give me some info (I've tried the search but didnt find anything). I'm looking for an XJ8 350 (2003/2004 model) either 3.5 or 4.2 but today came across a Sovereign 4.2 . Can anyone help me by explaining the difference between an XJ8 and a sovereign ? I've tried googling but couldnt find the answer.

I'm guessing the sovereign must be a more luxurious spec but I cant see much difference between the specs of the XJ8 and Sovereign in the ads that I have looked at.

Also am I correct in assuming that the X350 doesnt suffer the chain tensioner problems of the earlier models ? from lots of googling it appears that the X350 may have had metal tensioners rather than the plastic ones that fail ?


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H Dodsy. As regards the timing tensioners the X350 is clear of the nasty plastic ones used on the older X308 model up to july 2000. As towards the difference in the XJ8 and Sovereign I'm not sure what the spec difference is but the use of the Sovereign badge was more common on the Daimler versions of the car and was usually a bit higher spec than the Jag. :)
Good news on the tensioners, one less thing to worry about during search, I might go and have a look at a Sovereign to see if I can work out whats different/better. TBH I'm pretty happy with the standard XJ8 spec so just need to keep looking until the right one turns up.
A good spec for the Jaguar would be the Super V8. :)
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