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Distance sensor starts bleeping when driving along!

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XJ6D. 2.7. 2005. Sport. When driving along the front distance sensor starts bleeping. I can turn it off with the button
above the windscreen but it resets and starts again when the engine is restarted. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
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Mine does this too. Pull up at a red light & it beeps for a second or so. I have gotten into a habit of switching the sensors off at startup, which also kills the rear sensors, that's not so helpful...

I hate the front sensors on this car. My garage is so narrow the beams bounce off the walls & it beeps constantly.
Hi Cambo. You haven't got your forward alert function turned on have you ? :confused:
What's that Jerry? The car doesn't have radar cruise if that's what you mean.
There's a button by your right knee. I'll see if I can drag up the owners manual on it. :)
Ah here we are looks like you need ACC to have this function so it might not be the cause of your bleeping.

The forward alert feature additionally
provides warnings whilst ACC is not
engaged; if an object is detected close
ahead then a warning tone and message
will be issued. The brakes will not be
This additional feature may be switched
on or off using the forward alert switch in
the lower outboard knee bolster
switchpack. When the indicator lamp in
the switch is on, forward alert is active.
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I don't remember any switches down by my knee, but i'll have a look tomorrow.
Ahh that's what that is, it kept beeping at me as I came to a stop. Makes sense as there was a message about driver intervention required or something like that. Love the cruise that keeps your distance that's useful.
Hi John;

I had the same problem on my S-type, the front sensors keeps going off when driving or when stopped at traffic lights, annoying, its being over sensitive. I was told a sensor is about to pack up, and mine did, got faulty front sensor replaced under warranty. If you know a good Indie, i use Jagauto's, Liverpool their software can pinpoint the fault or which sensor is faulty. Had a recent problem with fronts sensors working, rears not, after diagnostics the rear outer sensor was the culprit, fixed now, my son and i removed the rear light cluster to gain access the rear sensor, job took an hour to fix. Outer sensors on my car can be replaced without removing the rear bumper.

I know that some times the resonance from loud exhaust pipes can trigger them off. It probably picks up the shock waves or something. :rolleyes:
I'd love to get to the bottom of this random beeping, it's really f_____g annoying....
I wonder if there is a way to turn down the sensitivity...:confused:
My front parking sensors were beeping randomly when I first got my car. In the end I borrowed a VCM and IDS for the weekend to see if I could work out which one was faulty. Somewhere in IDS you can display a graphic for each sensor and it shows you which sensor is detecting something and how far away it thinks it it.

I noticed that it was always the middle two firing then remembered a TSB to do with number plate surrounds. I removed mine and the problem went away.
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