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Door Cards

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Hi all,

Can someone give me some info re. removing door cards? I can see a retaining screw inside the puddle light housing and one at the door pull but nothing else. If I remove these two will it just pull off or is there more to do?


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the door car comes away quite easily

you need to remove the door handle plastic trim , and behind the screw cover is a fixing screw , you will also see some screws on the door shut edge ,

then its a pull away at the bottom until the plastic studs release , and then once free the door card lifts up and over the door lock pin at the top,,

then remove any wiring plugs holding it in place

hope this helps

Dont forget the wood veneer trim. It either slides fwd and off or rearwards and off I can quite remember at the mo, but this can only be removed once you have removed the inside door opening handle/catch surround. ;)

but the door car will come away with it still installed to the card ,

refitting needs the wood trim to be installed after to ' lock ' things in place

good luck

Don't forget the screw on the underside of the armrest.
Prise out small circular black cover behind internal door opening handle, then remove screw behind and remove black plastic door handle cover.

Get something plastic and lever out back edge of wood veneer enough to free the 2 tangs from the clips in the door card and slide veneer towards rear of car to remove.

Remove very long screw from beneath armrest.

Disengage dor card clips from bottom and 2 edges (then heres the tricky bit) pull bottom of door card enough to clear the door clips and pull door card UP. This will disengage the white plastic armrest retainer from strucural door panel.

The door card will then be fee so just unclip the electrical connections and remove the door card.

Remenber to remove the white door rest retainer from the clip (by using pliers to squeeze the clip together) and slide back in door before fe-fitting door card
Also be carfull when you do first pop the card out of the bottom of the card because the whitr grommits that atatch to the door can sometimes get damaged and is imposible to push the card back in place.though you can buy them from your dealer if needed.
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