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Drag racing and the XJR, tips and advice needed

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Howzit all,
I have been given the opportunity of taking my XJR to a local drag strip to see how the Jag does at altitude. Some parts of Joburg are at 6000 feet above sea level and I think the track is around 4500, which has an effect on the amount of oxygen is in the air.
Can some of you racing lot give some tips how to get a good pull away please.
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Hi Tony. Left foot on brake and right foot over the go pedal. DSC off and Sport selected. Have fun. :)
So right foot flat???
It's all down to driver skill to stop the wheels from just smoking, and the thing with the X350 is that the air suspension trys to keep the car level and does not allow it to squat so the weight transfers rearwards over the rear wheels. You could always make sure you got a full tank to get some weight rearwards or stick a couple of dead Zebra's in the boot. :rolleyes:
Zebras are nice, what about politicians?
1. Lower your rear tire pressure a bit.
2. Don't just floor it all in one go. Press the pedal quickly, smoothly and gradually.
3. Try to have the engine as cold as possible.
4. Get some bags of Ice and place them around the intake manifold/Supercharger. Cold air is denser which = more power. Take the plastic cover off to do this.
5. Not easy, but you could take off the anciliary belt which powers the alternator. You will be amazed at how much extra noticeable power you will gain.
6. Take up Martial Arts and join the Special Forces. This will hone your reaction times no end.

Been there, done it and won 39 of 40 races.

Good luck buddy.
...and A/C off, mirrors folded,any weight removed :)
Weight removed makes sense, however...

When we were racing (olden days with old cars), we'd take out the spare wheel, jack, tools, boot carpet, etc...anything to reduce the weight, the majority of weight loss coming from the boot.

As Jerry said the air suspension doesn't allow the car to squat at launch, I'm not sure if taking everything out of the boot will make that traction problem better or worse...

I don't want to sound like a broken record, but these cars need an LSD!
Hey Man well funky, put the car on LSD man.... That car'll floating man all the way to the line. :):):)
OK and thank you Mr Moon.
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