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Dreamcar Purchase

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I've recently found the light from many years on the dark side driving performance Audi's and have purchased a 2008 Jag XK. My friends are suddenly realising that Jaguar are producing some fantastic cars and best of all they are made locally. They are slowly being converted to the brand and I hope to one day free them all from the wilderness of German automobile ownership. Lol
I have spent the last 19 years in the Army and am a serving soldier / engineer on the Apache helicopter fleet at present with a love for good engineering and cars.
I hope to learn plenty from your knowledge of all things Jaguar and am already eyeing a Spires exhaust system to make my V8 sing.
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Welcome to the forum mate ;)
Hi. Welcome to the forum. XK8 lovely car hope you are enjoying and finding excuses to go out and use it. ;)
2008 is an XK, Jerry - they stopped making XK8s in 2005. ;)
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