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Drive Shaft Replacement

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Hi All,

Hope someone can help, I remember seeing a thread on the forum detailing how to replace the front drive shafts on the X-Type. I thought that I had printed it out ready to replace the front O/S drive shaft in mine, but can't seem to find it.

I have searched the forum but again have been unable to locate it.

Does anyone have a link to the thread so that I can print it out again as I have ordered the part now.


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You will find that none of the links from that link work(because for reasons only known to the chosen few) they cant be bothered to fix the forum ps i will keep pluging this gripe untill someone either answers or sorts it or just kicks me off
and still no logo!!
Thanks lost in france, that's exactly what I was looking for. Will probably not have time to carry out this work until my next week off, that's if I go ahead and do it myself as i've also contacted my local Jag independent to get a quote to carry out the work.

If it's to expensive then it will be me with the 3 Ton Axle stands and probably a lot of swearing.

Thanks again


Had mine done last month, cost £220 incl vat fitted if that gives an idea.

Had a recon unit fitted , unless you are loaded.

Have fun

Well I got the quote back, £530 +VAT ! So I think I'm going to have to do it myself.
Hi Guys

Me again, the new drive shaft has arrived and I'm planning to fit it on Tuesday (On nights tonight so won't get any time tomorrow).

My plan of action is to drive the car onto the drive with the passenger side up on a ramp, then use my trolly jack to jack up the drivers side and support it with an axle stand. I'm also planning on taking photos of the work.

So couple of quick questions:

1. Does the plan sound ok
2. Where is the best place to jack using the trolly jack and axle stands
3. Do I need to remove the underside engine cover to carry out this work


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I did mine, but had access to a lift.

Driving it up a set of ramps isn't a bad idea, then jack and support the side you're working on.
You'll have to mess around with positions and I wouldn't like to get under there without it supported very very well!

Remove the under tray, wheel, hub nut and track rod from the hub, then split the bottom ball joint, you may have to loosen the subframe on that side to get the wishbone down far enough.

The hub should now pull off the shaft (with a bit of a persuasion) and swing away.

Support the shaft so it doesn't hang loose, better to have some one holding it.

From under the car, you can just get to the inner edge of the inner CV joint, a block of wood or a extension bar resting on this edge can be clobbered with the hammer to pop the shaft out of the gearbox.

Refit in reverse, grease up the shaft end the fits the gearbox and make sure the clip on that end is sitting straight and free.
If may not go it first time, turn it one spline and try again, a hide or copper mallet on the outer end can be used to knock it in, careful not to catch the thread on the outer end (spin the old nut on flush) and careful on the seal in the gearbox with the inner end.

After you've got it back together, top up the gearbox oil.

You're in SE London, where abouts? I'm near Surrey Quays and I know somewhere that will fit it for you for £50 (not me, I'd want more!)
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Hi Goudy,

Thanks for the feedback, I'm going to give it a go myself. Had to replace the driveshafts on a 1971 T2 VW camper about 6 months ago so brought equipment capable of taking 3 Ton, so I'm confident about being able to support the weight of the car successfully.

If I do have any problems and have to give up I'll PM you to get the details for the person willing to fit it for £50. I'm in Crystal Place area so not that far from you.
Hi All,

Firstly thanks you to everyone who has provided me with guidance for replacing the drive shaft, this has now been completed. However on the test drive I've now picked up a clunk when going over some speedbumps, or when I hit a bump in the road. Could this be related to me having to lower the sub frame to break the ball joint or could there be something else that I've missed?

I hope that the car is safe to drive as I need it on Thursday, so will have to try and sort it tomorrow.
Panic over, think I've fixed it. One of the bolts on the wishbone was lose, given it a good tighten and a further test drive. No clunk this time. :)
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