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Drivers interior door handle not always opening car from the inside

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I have searched the forum and found similar problems to mine, but none exactly the same which is why I'm starting this new thread....

The interior drivers door handle doesn't always unlock the car when I want to get out by pulling the 'long' chrome handle, and also won't unlock when I pull on the 'short' locking handle just above it. It does this about 50% of the time, randomly.

What is strange is that all doors always unlock when I use the fob to unlock the car remotely from the outside, and they also all unlock when I press the lock/unlock button on the centre console, or alternatively get the front passenger to open the car via them pulling on their handle.

Anyone come across this problem before please? or have any ideas on how to fix it? Pressing the button on the centre console is OK as a temporary measure, but its starting to get annoying now!!

Its a late 2003 half facelift car.

Many thanks in advance.
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Bizarrely this happened to mine today for the first time, so I too would be interested if anyone out there knows the cause and ideally the cure....
just finally bought myself a 2.5 facelift S type and thanks to all on here who offered their advice. My car does the same as the above. The passenger door lock opens all the doors when pulled but I cant open the drivers door at all without using the button on the dash.
Hi All

I had this problem it only happened occaisionally after around 13 mile journey, I checked the micro switches in the door lock with no success so bought a used drivers door acuator off e bay, this has been installed for the last 3 years approx with no problems. I put it down to a mechanical problem that caused it to double lock during a journey, its a complicated electro mechanical device change it !
Thanks John H, sounds like that is the fix then. Though as luck would have it, it hasn't happend once since I wrote the thread. However thanks to good old Murphy's Law I am fully expecting it to happen on the drive home from work tonight now!

Looks like there is going to be a surge on S-Type door actuators then, are they simple enough to replace once you take off the door card, or do you need to use any special tools etc?

Torx head bit and a large flat screwdriver if I remember correctly. Did my passenger one last weekend, took an hour including googling how to get the door card off.
Was just wondering if there's a way to disable the automatic locking feature that engages when you drive faster than 5 or 10mph? That way I wouldn't need to bother changing the lock just yet :) Thanks
it will work on the X-type
1. Turn on the ignition but don't start the engine.
2. Lock the door by pushing in the button by the handle, and then pull the handle slightly to reopen it; repeat this sequence twice more.
3. Turn off the ignition and leave it off.
4. Lock the door by pushing in the button by the handle, and then pull the handle slightly to reopen it; repeat this sequence twice more.
5. Turn on the ignition again but don't start the engine. A ping should be heard.
6. Lock the door by pushing in the button by the handle and then pull the handle slightly to reopen again. A final double-ping should be heard to show that auto-locking is on. If you've turned it off, another ping will be heard when you drive off, at the speed when auto-locking would normally engage.

Might be worth a try
Cool, thanks for the instructions for the X. I'll try it out on my S next time I go out to it and report back for the others :)
Good try Barney100golf, but unfortunately it seems not to work on the S-Type :(
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