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Drivers seat automatically moving back on key extraction

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Hi guys, don't know if this question has been asked before, but for some reason this issue has just started happening, don't know if me or the one one who has to be obeyed has touched something without realizing.
When I get into the car, the drivers seat is right back to allow easy entry, when the key goes in and the drivers door is shut, the seat moves forward to the preset memory.
When I stop to get out, the reverse happens and the seat goes all the way back to allow egress. I don't like it and want to stop it, any ideas?:confused:
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you don't say what model/year you have, but try turning the steering wheel adjustment from AUTO to OFF.
Yeah, turn the knob on the side of the steering column that adjusts the wheel position to something other than 'Auto'
Thanks for that, it's that long since I used that knob on the steering column I forgot it was there. All is well now (S type 2005 2.7 SE by the way.)
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