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Drvers wing mirror

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My X type 2.0D sports premium 05 plate drivers door mirror will not fold when the fold button is pressed, the passengers one will, is there anything I could look at to rectify?
The other thing is whilst looking to see if any one else has had the problem I found some one selling remote power fold options can some one post the link please as I can not find it again.

Many thanks
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The fold is done by a seperate motor to the adjust one. It could just be the motor has given up, can you hear it whirring as if trying to operate?
There is no motor sound, plus on checking again there is no adjustment to the morror at all, that is the problem of being mister average I did not have to adjust the mirror when i brought it.
If there no sound try take out all mirror and check voltage on the end. If there is power obviously need new motor. If no power need dig somewhere further.
Coulda been the same problem I had when I bought my car, as my driver one didn't fold...upon further examination...driver mirror must have got damaged at some point and replaced with a standard heated and adjustable one hold of a powerfold one of fleebay for £60...and bob might be in the same situation
Thanks for that I will look at that tomorrow as there is no electrical movement at all
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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