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DSC or Traction Control?

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I've had my Jag S-Type for two weeks now and am still getting to know her.
I had an operation on my hand last week (bad timing!) which means no driving for a few weeks - so I'm using the time to thoroughly study the driver's handbook/this forum to ascertain what level of toys and trim she has.
She's an early '99 SE model and seems to have everything bar heated front screen/heated seats/sat nav and phone.
One thing I want to clarify, however, is whether she has traction control only or DSC.
The handbook shows the same button for both.
So is it defined by what message display comes up?
I.E when I turn off the 'traction control/DSC' button the mesage display reads 'DSC off' and when switched back on it reads 'DSC on' (so logically, can I presume I have DSC fitted? - i.e if I just had traction control, would the message accordingly read 'traction control off/on' or is the DSC message a generic term for both?)
I'm going to contact Jag Customer services to see exactly what spec. I have, but as its a long bank holiday probably won't get a reply for a few days so thought I'd ask here in the meantime.

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According to my 2004.5 XKR manual DSC controls the ABS, traction control and yaw control of the vehicle. So assuming the S-type system is similar, DSC includes traction control.
If the display says "DSC OFF" when you push the button then you have DSC - there was a separate message "TRACTION CONTROL OFF" when these were two different options, discontinued in MY2003 when DSC became standard (according to the "Driver's Handbook Supplement" that came with my 2002.5 S-Type). DSC includes Traction Control anyway, so you're all set.
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