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DTC Test Cycles incomplete?

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Hi does anyone know how to clear the following incomplete test cycles which have been in my car since I had it 2.5 years ago
DTC Fuel system Incomplete
DTC Components Incomplete
These have been found via the Torque android application via a bluetooth ELM327 module & were causing reading issues with my previous scanguage.
I was under the impression that these messages would have been cleared via normal daily usage without problems & no I do not have any fault lights or messages displayed, but I am curious as to why these tests are showing as incomplete.
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I may be wrong but I have seen reference to 'Drive cycles' in the workshop manual. When carrying out diagnostic scans I have seen messages indicating incomplete drive cycles. If you do not have access to any tech data, you may be interested in this link. JagDocs, The Source for Jaguar Documentation! you can purchase various files including all DTC codes and a workshop manual with over 6000 pages. You will see in the diagnostics file what you are looking for. A drive cycle is a set drive at various speeds during which the computer monitors the appropriate sensors and resets things, I think.
Anyway, it is worth a look and not at all expensive.

Regards, Dave.
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