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Dumping my 1990 E34 M5 for 1995 XJR

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Hi to All.....

about 18 yrs back My last jaguaresque foray was a series II daimler double six......which was a slug if lm to be honest.

When it comes to cars l kind of treat them like books.....(which l dont read very much at all)

Pick up a book you think might be interesting based on the thoroughly....get engrossed in the story....possible read again....but eventually you need to start a new book

Ive got through a lot of cars that way....close to 100

So here l am at that point....bought an E34 M5 a while back....drove it, fixed it when it broke, enjoyed it....but really couldnt see what the fuss was about ?....nice engine, beautiful looking car...if only they had hand built the bodies like the motors ?

So had enough of the M5 book and decided to buy this high miler 1995 XJR with lots of history...havent actually seen it in the metal yet!

Doesnt look tooooo shabby ....but what should I check when l pick her up

nearside indicator is missing which l just noticed...Its got lots of document history..near brand new tires ....its got 12 months MOT....from a motor trader..(yea i know....getting 12 months MOT on a car from a motor trader is about the same as getting 12 months MOT on a dishwasher)

Anyway....all help appreciated before l part with cash....only cost me a grand but lm not into throwing it away

But regardless .....its a book l want to read

Best regards

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Welcome to the forum Dave
Car looks great from the pic, seems a good bargain
You might get a better response asking the what to check for in the relevant forum section with this section just being for intros.
Have fun!
its only a reflector your missing
Welcome to the forum mate ;)
Hi. Welcome to the forum Dave. Nice looking X300 for a grand I hope you enjoy. :)
Thanks for welcome... When I get her delivered l will post a more accurate questionaire after giving her a basic service to baseline what I have
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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