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Hi E-Type fans, my name is Mark Clapp and I'm from Kansas City, Missouri U.S.A. I'm an individual and make headlight covers in crack-proof plastic. I made patterns from OEM English light covers. I make them in the OEM size as a direct drop-in replacement to fit under the rubber seal and trim rings with no trimming required. The plastic is pliable and form fits to the body. This makes getting the trim rings to seat properly all around a short job even if the bonnet is slightly misshapen. I also make them in "competition" size to fully fill the recessed mounting surface and eliminate the trim rings for a nice weight savings. I have supplied these all over the world to owners and restoration shops for over five years now with no complaints. I also make light covers for C-types, D-types (both short and long nose cars), E-type lightweights, XJ-13, and the spot lights for low-drag cars. I'm asking $80USD/pair for all types ($50/pair for the spot lights) and the shipping is $20 in the U.S. or $30 to overseas. Please email me at: [email protected] and feel free to call anytime at: 816-286-6982 if you have any questions.

Mark Clapp
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