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Early features

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There is a 1968 XJ6 for sale in quite good condition. That would make a good companion for my 1967 420 :)
Point is that I want to make sure all rare early features are with the car. As far as I know there is no list published with the changes that occurred over the years when the S1 was in production. The book "Jaguar XJ series The complete Story" by Graham Robson does not help much in this respect. Are there other books with more information?
Glass' Car Checkbook lists the following changes(regrettably without chassis numbers):

Aug 69 Front seat squabs modified to accept head rests
Mar 70 New automatic trans. with D, 2, 1 positions
Sep 70 Door thread plate incorps. "Jaguar". Instrument bezels matt black instead of chrome
Dec 70 Hotline heated rear window with visible element
Feb 71 Longer reversing lights with reflector now below
Mar 71 Addtl. fresh air ventilation to ft. floor wells with air intakes incorp. in outer headlamp rings
Sep 71 Disc type door locks

I am sure there must be lots more (interior finishings for example, and under the bonnet things like windscreen washer container etc?), I am hoping the collective wisdom of owners and lurkers can help here?
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I can only suggest you use an on line parts catalogue and research each item. For example SNG Barretts illustrated catalogue gives part numbers and in most cases the applicable chassis numbers. Using front seats as an example, four types are listed for the series 1 and by examination of the relevant chassis numbers from type 2 onwards you could work out which ones are original for the car you are looking at. It will be time consuming. Good luck!

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