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EGR valve costs, where to buy ?

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Having read numerous posts on EGR valves, after having a few issues over the past few months, I have decided to buy a new EGR valve, any recommendation where to purchase the said item ?

Car is a 55 plated X-Type 2.0 Diesel

Problem, cut out a couple of times, after running a bit rough, pulled over would restart, but rough, turned off restarted again, and runs fine, on its 3rd time cutting out, I now have the engine light on the dash, I have a code reader GENISCAN GS400, code displayed is: P0406 EGR Flow Sensor A Circuit High Input, note after the 1st time I had the problem and read the codes, I gave the EGR a good clean out, it was very chocked up.
The car had a full service , a couple of months prior to this happening.

Should I clear the codes? I may have to bite the bullet and take it to have the codes read by a diesel specialist, as I know there equipment is far superior to mine, but would it pinpoint the problem ?

Any help for the above problem or where to buy would be great:)

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If you are thinking of doing the repair yourself i would suggest you fit a full blanking plate (£5 ebay) which will determine if the fault is with the egr before spending £60 on a new egr.
If it turns out to be the egr thats at fault you can then put a 8mm hole in it and have a partial blank with your new valve.
See the posts here re egr blanking
Hi Ken,

Just bought a new egr valve (vacuum type with one electrical connector) from a jag dealer on ebay for £65. Have a look at yours to see what type it is. If you have any questions you can ring them, have your last 6 vin letters/numbers to hand.
If you do a search for egr on the forum you will find plenty of comments. It would appear fair to say that after a while you will need to change the egr as no matter how well it is cleaned the valve sticks causing lots of problems. You should also clean the inlet cover as it too gets very bunged up.

I was £148 inc vat from jaguar, mine wouldn't run at all and I needed it ASAP phoned them and got it next day.
It can be one of three valves fitted, as yours isn't an auto you can discount the fourth type!!

1, Full vacuum no sensor, I believe fitted 2004/5 ish, stage 3
pointless replacing it if it's knackered, just fully blank it off with this

2, Vacuum with sensor, 2005 onwards, stage 4

3, Motor driven, believe fitted to 2.2D without DPF

2 and 3 blanked with this

4, Motor driven off the Space Shuttle!! 2.2D with DPF
Not sure about blanking this, but I guess it's worth trying with the one with the hole.

I reckon your one is 2, but you need to check, part number JDE7436
You can fit a blank in this, in the joint from the exhaust, but it will need a hole in it, around 6 -8mm will keep a lot of the soot out of the intake.

Like Fulman writes, blank the exhaust feed off with a bit of alloy on your original EGR, cut down a beer can, and see if the car runs better with the blank.
It may put the MIL on (it'll go off when the blanks removed) but if it runs better with the blank, it's time to change the valve for a new one.
(then blank the new one, with the 6-8mm hole)
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Well mine is number 3
2.2d without DPF
Love the discription "Motor driven off the Space Shuttle!! 2.2D with DPF"
Just a bit of a update,
I will be buying a new one, may as well. and then have the old one as a "spare", reason to buy a new one, very nearly getting wiped out, this time I broke down in the right hand lane at some traffic lights on a major junction, previous times, it would start after the refresh,,this time it did not want to play ball,, and after numerous blasts from other road users, showing me how load there horns are, I got home and disconnected the EGR valve , I have done just over 250 miles with it disconnected, and it has not cut out at all, I need to get it sorted, as I'm sure it will not be doing the Cat a lot of good, but still a lot safer to drive, can someone recommend a good eBayer for Jag bits ? I have checked the above links,,and all seem good there.
thanks for help prior to this post.
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