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Electric mirrors

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I've got an 06 S-Type sport diesel and after reading the manual and pressing buttons it seems my car does not have the folding mirrors, I thought they would have been standard fit.

So, is there a way I can check to see if they are fitted but broken or is there a kit I can get hold of to make them fold.

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mines 04 petrol push the electric round button down at the bottom and they should fold in
Tried that and still no joy, I think everything electrical hates me, cheers all the same.
Can some one post a pic. of the button and procedure involved as I too have to find it on my 54 plate car.
i thought the same as you,
push large round button at 6 oclock, both should fold
( i dont mean wait til 6 o'clock :p ):p
Have you checked the fuse.I have a 54 s and mine were seized when i got the car.It had taken the fuse out at some point.Friend replaced the fuse,good squirt wd40 with tube on it poked well inside the casing and bingo.Apparently they are all supposed to have folding i think after 2002.
There there. But maybe like the OP they are stuck. If I apply gentle pressure they move very slightly in. But defo there.

To Brum, if you place the L/R mirror selector switch in its central position, the press the round black mirror angle switch at the 6 o'clock position, you should hear the motors click into life if operational. Trust this helps a little bit.

Need to find technical post on sticking mirror motors now.
Cheers lost soul, tried that but no joy, I'll have a look to see if there are any missing fuses and try your idea.
No prob Brum. I worked on mine yesterday with a full can of WD40. Passenger side works fine but driver side still lazy. Did notice that the alloy casing the mirrors are made of fur up and do corrode. You will find that while lubing the mirrors and working them back and forth you will get a lot of white alloy deposit that will run out with the casing and down the doors. Best to run warm water down the doors to remove the particles as still harsh on paint work.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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