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Electrochromatic Rear View Mirror

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One of the things i miss from my old Ford Scorpio is the auto dipping "electrochromatic" rear view mirror. Now as i need a new windscreen for the winter anyway because the passenger side heated part has failed, I'm looking to try and retrofit the auto dipping rear view mirror too.

Does anyone know if the wiring loom is already present in the headlining?

I just had my roof console off and found the multiplug for the sunroof taped away above the drivers side, but couldn't feel or see any other plugs tucked away, according to the electrical diagrams its a black 6 pin multiplug.

Has anyone actually retrofitted the auto dipping rear view mirror to an S-Type?

If anyone who already has the auto dipping rear view mirror fitted (2002.5MY facelift onwards) could take a look at their wiring for me "PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP" under the roof console and tell me from which side the wiring loom comes from, either passenger or drivers side so i have a rough idea where to look, I'd be very grateful indeed?

Mine is the 2002.50MY facelift model.


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Having studied the jepc it looks like the wiring harness for the electrochromatic rear view mirror comes in from the drivers side and might be there as the S-Type seems to be pretty good at being pre-wired for add-ons etc.

I'll have to have my torch out tomorrow and have a better look in the roof lining, but if it is a different roof harness then I'm not gonna drop the head linning to replace it, too much hassle for that.

But I'd still appreciate if someone can check their mirror loom for me to see where it comes from and whether it's an add on loom that connects in to the roof harness or hard wired into the roof harness etc.


Can anyone help me with this?

I bought an electrochromatic mirror from eBay at a good price and would like to fit it when I get my new windscreen fitted for the winter.

So if anyone can help out with the wiring or has even retro fitted an auto dipping rear view mirror to a facelift on s type I'd like to know please?

Thought I would bump this topic as winter is not far away and I want to get the auto dimming mirror installed, if I'm not pre-wired or it I can always just take a feed and earth from the sunroof multiplug, not worried about the reversing function, just so long as it auto dims at night etc.

Anynelp grely appreciated.

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