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Electronic Ignition

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Just fitted a £30 kit inc Rotor Arm to my 1958 Mk1 2.4 and the difference is amazing. Got rid of the Points and Condenser which can't be a bad thing. Bit fiddly but easier when I had the Distributor on my bench.
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I'll second that! Changing to electronic ignition made a very noticeable difference to the performance. About five of six years ago I fitted the Luminition system, evidently since then others such as 321 ect are supposedly superior, but I have experienced no trouble whatsoever with Luminition. But how did you manage the conversion for £30 ? Just for the power module alone Luminition will relieve you of £100.
Hi. I was at the recent Classic Car show at Shepton Mallett (The Bristol and West Footman James event) and I saw the kit being demonstrated. It is a Hall Effect magnetic trigger device which replaces the Points and condensor and it uses the existing coil for the required spark. They threw in a Red Rotor Arm as well. I am not sure if I can quote the name of the device on this forum but I did see some kits for Positive Earth cars as well. Regards, Bob.
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