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eml light on code p0430

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Hi im new to this so hi to everyone wounder if you can help me i have a engine managment light on an the code is p0430 does anyone no what this is the car still drives ok but its anoying the light keeps coming on. Thanks for your help
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its a x type 2.1 on o4 sorry
Catalytic converter system efficiency below threshold – bank 2, means HO2 Sensor disconnected, HO2 Sensor to ECM wiring fault, HO2 Sensor heater to ECM wiring fault HO2 Sensor heater failure Upstream HO2 Sensor failure Downstream HO2 Sensor failure Catalyst failure, I expect it is the sensor needs changing, or it could be the MAF but would change the sensor first
thanks for the reply il try changing the sensor which side is bank 2, the front or back thanks
bank 2 is the left bank of the engine nearest the front of the car, the downstream are Black connectors and the upstream have grey, and I think the one you want is under the air box
Thanks for your help i will change it an see what happens.
the downstream are Black connectors and the upstream have grey
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