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(engine) blown (up) 3.0 s-type sport

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hi all its a very sad day today as my jag i have had for 4 weeks has blown up
i was on the motorway doing 60 relaxing cruise control on then ther was a knocking sound it got louder so just as i was going to pull over on the hard shoulder BANG the rear wheels locked and the engine died. i did a filter change and new oil so ther was plenty of oil in it up to this point she ran fine. my question is what do i do i am on min wage so another jag is out of the question now as all my money went on this one, do i put second engine in or take her to the scrappy, please help i love the jag but after that scare i hav lost confidence in them and a lot of money hope you can help
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Sounds terminal mate. You might be able to find a secondhand engine "cheap" but it's the labour to do the swap that's usually the killer.
As far as sourcing an engine, you should also look for 3.0L V6's from the X-Type and X350 XJ. You'd just have to swap over the intake manifold and maybe the anciallarys (water pump, alternator, etc.) The long motor would be basically the same. Maybe have to change over one of the heads if you get a 3.0L from an X-Type, i recall something about head changes, a pump or something was driven off the cam due to the different layout on the AWD models. Oh and you'd have to swap the oil-pan & pickup if you got a motor from an X-Type.

TBH a 2001 S-Type V6 won't get you much as a non-running wreck. If it were me in your shoes, i'd be looking at an engine swap & doing the labour myself, if you have the tools & a place to work. It's just a question of money, and the labour is the only thing you can really save on.
was thinking of doing it myself but if i get another engine theirs no guaranty that it will be any good (unless i could squeeze a v8 in to my manual box lol) and dont think i will ever get half my money back if another engine goes in it. so think i will hav to strip her down and sell her of for parts and get a run around till i can save for proper car but i dont know if i will go for a jag again after this
How many miles on your S-Type?
What a choker, I really feel for you, I know how you must feel right now! What to do? How about giving somebody such as Eurojag a ring for a second hand engine, they will probably give you some sort of guarantee? Of course only you know if this course of action is worth while, is the car worth the expenditure in other respects? if it is, then I would source another engine, after all, that option could be a lot cheaper than purchasing another vehicle of unknown quality.

Let us know how you get on, the best of luck, you're due some!
Rear wheels locked? How's the rear differential?
hi got towed home and there was no funny noises coming from the rear so think may have got away with damage to the diff fingers crossed
does it matter if the engine is from a auto or manual might seem a sill question but new to working on jags and need all the help i can get on this one oh one more thing is there any thing i need to know when removing the engine ie special tool or little hints thank you
Several 3.00Ltr engines on ebay with 70,000 odd on the clock around £400 of course there is the removal and fitting to pay for, unless you are going to DIY ? might be better to go to a dealer to obtain some sort of guarantee?
looking at ebay and the moment and some giving 3 month warranted for 300 squids they dont come with starters or aircon pumps but thats fine as i they all work on mine anyway lol think will be very busy the next few weeks. got thinking last night after calming down that i do love my jag and the rest of it is in a1 condition so going to get the tools out and start stripping it ready for the new one thank you for all the help and advice you have gave me
I was all excited when I saw the thread title, I was expecting some pics of a supercharged V6. :-(

Sorry to hear about the bang, but glad you're keen to fix rather than scrap. Do you know what caused it? It sounds like it developed a serious oil leak. Is the rest of the drivetrain ok?
think previous owner never put any oil in it when i got it it had a very slight tapping noise on start up for less then half a second then went away so put 1 liter oil in and it was fine untill i went on motorway then well you know the rest lol but i think it was a piston all cams are fine and timing chain are good. clean oil and not one oil leak anywear on it no smoke when it blown aswell so very strange. sorry about the name of the thread should of put blown up v6 lol one more thing do they do suppercharger kit for the v6 as that sounds nice while i got the engine out
No smoke because there was no oil to burn.

I wouldn't worry about the name of the thread, my mind was elsewhere, I'd just been reading about the original Jaguar V8 development and one thing they had tried was a supercharged V6. I have heard of supercharger kits but they're usually intended for the Mondeo V6 and iirc the kits are no longer sold in the uk. I've worry about getting it back on the road first.
Sorry to hear of your problem.
Just make sure you get a engine which is of the same type, ie if yours is 2000 you must get a engine which is 99-2001. This is because there are differences from pre 2002 and post 2002, the inlet manifolds are different and so are some of the sensors in the heads.
thanks for that was looking at a 2000 year and a 2004 engine that was close thanks
Gutted for you mate, hope you manage to get her back on the road.
well its monday and started stripping her down after i finished work so all going well just got to sort out the engine at the end of the week then sort a engine hoist so hopefully only be of the road for a month fingers crossed lol
Well good luck with it, and keep us posted.
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