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XJ-S 3.6l, manual,1987
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Hey all,

When I take my foot off the accelerator and push the clutch down fully, e.g. to brake/coast to a [near] stop, sometimes (maybe 20% of the time) my engine cuts out. I can always restart it immediately with the key, or bump-start it if I have enough momentum.

In my driveway, revving to different levels and abruptly taking my foot of the accelerator, the revs dip low, sometimes below 300rpm, and recover to about 600-700, the idle speed. Very occasionally I can get the engine to stop, but much less frequently than when I'm driving. Here's a video of me doing this test

Is my idle speed just set too low, or do you think I have an underlying problem? I can't figure out why there's a difference between being stationary and coasting...

Here's a video of the car idling, stationary
. Is that a low/unstable idle? The tacho seems to wander quite a bit.

Behaviour is the same when hot/cold, and going up/down hill.

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