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Engine Management light on

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I have a 2000 jaguar xj v8 and the engine management light is staying on ... I have put it on to a fault finder . and it is saying the fault finder do not recognise the ecu can you help please .
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This happened to me when I used a small, cheap code reader. I went a bought a better one and it worked perfectly. Although it works on my Jag, it still won't connect to my 4x4 which is a Ssangyong!!
I suppose your options are to get the codes read at a garage or get a different code reader.
What better one did u gey
I started with a MaxiScan MS309 which didn't work then bought a MaxiScan MS509 which does work on the Jag but not the Ssangyong.

Hi Chris,
About 4 years ago I bought one of these.

I've used it on my previous cars and now my 2004 X350.
Although its an engine management OBD 2 reader it actually downloaded my rear wheel no ABS speed sensor fault and also a gearbox fault warning that came up after I accidentally spun a rear wheel pulling out of a side junction. The gearbox warning cancels when the ignition is turned off and on but the fault code stays until deleted.

Tootle Pip.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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