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engine problem 2.0d 2004

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hi everyone,
my very first post.i really hope you guys can help me with this issue.
now the problem.i have check engine light on,abs light on, break light on and a message cruise not available.the air con is not working the traction,the wipers,parking aid and the speed happens twice everything to start working like it never happened before but then become just the same.i have the filing that the engine has no power.when accelerate hard a black smoke comes out,the engine cuts off at about 2500rpm and the glow-plug light comes on.
so far i clean the mass sensor and egr but the problem steel remain.any help will be appreciated.thanks
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I think you might have more than one problem here. Can you clarify your problem with the aircon and speed guage? Does the aircon ever work? What happens with the traction? Normally and engine light will disable the cruise control even if it has no fault itself.
thank you for answering.the aircon was working perfect before,never had a problem.when the service lights comes on everything just stop working.i cant switch the traction on.
You could try disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes incase a reset cures it. Otherwise you need to get the codes read to point you in the right direction.
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