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Essex Meetings?

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Is there anyone from Essex on here? Are there any Essex meetings?
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Yes and No...
Is there anyone from Essex on here? Are there any Essex meetings?

yes Tiptree (between chelmsford and colchester)
So, What goes on in Tiptree ?
not a lot as am always working outside of Tiptree
but there is a very nice 2003 silver xjr (nice to me), that goes to santa pod now and then
what about you guy's
Why don't you pick a pub with a good car park and food, set a date and hope..... ? It's the only way.
How about the "breakfast club" at The Hare, Roxwell just outside Chelmsford?

Why not it's a start ( and you have to start somewhere)
If i'm free on the date chosen, i'm in
Trouble is...... some of us work on Saturdays.. otherwise I'd agree...Could organise to be free on 7th July...
7 July suits me - will keep it free!
OK... let's have it not too early... 10 am onwards ?
Just drove past The Hare this afternoon. They have a decent-sized car park with a separate
overflow park but I would think that space will be at a premium! Starts at 9am but I will be
happy to position myself outside the pub entrance at 10 and 10.30 am to meet any Forum
members. It looks to be a popular venue so roadside parking is a distinct possibility! Hopefully
we can sort out any other details nearer the time?
7th July - I'll try and make that, I'm in North Essex and have an 03 STR
Bet your STR is extra quick Yellowfin - as you're a tuner! :D
Sounds good to us as well. :)
This little-known outpost of the Forum is truly graced by your visit oh mighty one - sorry "two"!
when l next get home l will look forward to a drink with some other owners and pik a brain cell or two ....Im also hoping to claim the record for the most easterly based XJR in the UK.....shoeburyness essex....but l guess a bit of suffolk and norfolk can beat me
Suits us too! :D
Think you can squeeze another one in ??. as im now a xj350 2.7 tdvi owner :) suffolk based but not as east as shoebury though.
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