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Exterior cleaning list

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Hi Guys n Gals,

picking up my new Jaag (to me anyways) and wondered what is the best equipment to use on the exterior.

At the moment I use a lambswool wash mitt and chamois leather would I be better using microfibre mitts and drying towels instead.

Also in your opinion, which are the best products to clean Alloys, Tyres and Bodywork, Gels, Sprays, Wash n Wax etc.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Bryan,

So, you want to know the in's and out's of exterior car care? Any idea how long that list could get??? :p

Ok, so the basics you will need to make sure you dont instill any swirls or scratches are as follows:

For washing the exterior panels

1. Wash mitt or uniform bubble sponge
2. Grit guard bucket (this is a bucket and a grit gaurd)
3. A specialist shampoo (something from Dodo Juice will do)

For washing the wheels

1. Medium sized detailers brush (soft bristle)
2. Bilberry wheel cleaner (or wonder wheels diluted 3 parts water to 1 part WW)
3. EZ Brush (1ft long brush for inside of wheels)

For badges/panel gaps/bugs

1. Medium sized detailers brush (very soft bristle)
2. CarPro Orange Prewash

For rinsing

1. Jet wash/hose/watering can with fresh water

For drying

1. 3-4 Large long pile drying towels.
2. A million microfibre cloth's.

Thats about it. There are then a million and one products for waxing and polishing and alike. But thats another list longer than both arms.

Basically, you want to stop as much grit from touching the surface of your paint as possible. And a lot of people say this whole "2-bucket method" is the bee's knees, but if you keep an eye on your mitt/sponge and water, you will rarely get any scratches.

Hope this helps.

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