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External temperature & aircon problem

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I have just received a call from my dad who is currently using my S-Type R (2003) to say that the airconditioning is playing up. He mentioned that the 'digital outside temperature gauge' on the dashboard is displaying a temperature of 53F and will not move from this temperature?!

I imagine that the outside temperature sensor is probably broken, affecting the cars aircon system. I searched on the forum and google for similar problems but could not find related stories on the S-type. I did however find ones related to X types and the newer XF.

Could you guys please advise if my analysis is correct and a common problem on the Stype, and if so, do you perhaps know the part number for this sensor and the best place to purchase. Additionally, where is this sensor located on the car? (I'm guessing under the bumper)

...another task on the infinite to-do-list when back from holiday...


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Been covered a few times!
Check out the sticky POPULAR Q's + Faults + Handbooks + Info' - updated where I've mentioned it.
The sensor was £4 when I replaced mine. That was ages ago so probably much dearer but it was marked "Ford" if I remember correctly.
Thanks for the tip 12RM. Just carried out a new search and found the info i need. I must not have used the correct keywords in my previous search.
Part replaced, 5 minute operation and all is well. For anyone who's interested and future searches for the Ambient Air Temperature Sensor, the part number is XR858222.
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