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The time has come to begin writing up the project which has taken up much of my time in the past 5 months.

I shall start by thanking forum members for their help and advice to tackle the task at hand.

In March this year, I bought a 3rd hand XJ350 with 176000 km on the clock. It was the smallest V8 engine (3.6) but it is still very powerful- nothing like any private car I have driven. It is LHD European model. Though I do not have the exact numbers, very few Jaguars (x350-358) were sold in Israel. It is a very rare car here indeed. If anyone has these numbers please send them.

The three previous owners were all businessmen. The car had been regularly serviced and generally well maintained. The last owner had invested a lot of time and money in refurbishing the car (ceiling, sunroof, air suspension, blue tooth, telephone, c.d) but had become derailed with other issues and disillusioned with his ability to fully tackle the suspension fault light and other faults which shall be mentioned below. He no longer had time for it and was garaged for 6 months. He was paying for storage.

For the last year or so I was considering importing a vintage car (30 years old) and very nearly signed off on a 1991 x's V12 convertible from Florida. The deal was called off by the seller when she was offered cash in hand by a dealer on her doorstep. I was negotiating for both cars simultaneously and was about to tell the x350 owner that I had decided to buy a different car when she phoned and told me the deal was off. Luckily he had not been able to take my call and when he phoned back I agreed to view his car with the intent to purchase it.

At viewing the seller attested to several known problems with the car:
1. Air suspension fault light. He said he had changed the entire system with original parts after the car had sunk but despite his efforts, the light came on after 10 minutes.
2. Central locking not working. Only the driver's door opened with the fob.
3. Very little heating (not that it is needed here very much)
4. Whirring sound from air vents on ignition
5. Car cranked over on the second or third attempt (steering wheel lock release)
6. temperature gauge showed below normal (under half) when on high roads with no traffic.

The car drove beautifully despite the air suspension light coming on.

The paintwork was good except for some swirls and dings here and there mainly on the bumpers. There were two noticeable "dents", one on the bonnet and one on the boot. The interior needed a little attention. For a 17-year-old car, it was in good general condition. alloys needed refurbishing. Pirelli tires are in good condition. No rust.

I agreed to buy it subject to it passing the MOT due in a month. It did, and it was bought.
Cost-11000 pounds. Here there is a luxury tax (20-30 percent) on cars so this is reflected in second-hand car prices. Moreover, these cars are very rare indeed. In retrospect, I paid about 1000 quid over the market price here. In the UK I've seen these cars go for between 8 and 14000.

When I came to pick it up and drive it home the air conditioning was not working!
You cannot drive a car here without air-conditioning. He said he would pay for fixing the air con. It turned out that it only needed gas and a new valve. The first crisis is over.
He told me "whatever you do not go to a Jaguar dealership for repairs. I'm done with it, Good luck".

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive side marker light

So I'm home with the car...
Who's gonna fix it up? Not Jaguar dealership.
Need a miracle in the Land of Miracles...

To be continued.....

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Part 2-Bagpiping Andy, Dr Jaguar and Mr fix

So what am I going to tackle first? I made four lists:

1.Mechanical-see above
2.Interior trim-torn b pillar, tethers on parcel shelf, rear middle seat buckle, steering wheel paint,front door seals, detailing
3.Paint and body work-see above
4.Bling-see below

The most pressing "problem" was the air suspension fault light. All searches led me to a geezer from Scotland called Bag-piping Andy! I thought to myself is the Messiah Scottish?! Apparently only he knows how to keep a car fully erect. It must be the irn bru! After watching his video on how to remove, clean and replace the plastic piston ring I thought ok easy peasy....I contacted the previous owner and told him about the Scottish messiah and he said the compressor he replaced was a new original from sng barrat- he said it cant be that, its something electrical.
I bought Andys kit on eBay for 25 quid and while eagerly awaiting its arrival I immersed myself in bling shopping (therapy for the soul).
Mina galleries (California) full chrome monty was ordered (grills, side mirrors, bonnet leaper, boot spoiler, pillar trims and headlight surrounds). The fun had just begun...

Meanwhile car was wafting beautifully around the country lanes of rural northern Israel.

The kit arrived from bonny Scotland in 10 days.
I took this tiny package (crown jewels) in my hand to my local village garage (has a lift) and said 'hi have you ever done this before'?
I don't think the garage owner had ever seen an xj8 in the flesh. He had never fixed a compressor. He looked at the video, looked at the part, and said, 'ok well do it but no responsibility taken'.... I eagerly and apprehensively awaited my turn for the lift....

Then disaster struck...I was called to put the car on the lift and....the part had disappeared into thin air! A frantic search then took place with accusations flying. I gave it to you...No you didn' must have fallen, search the floor search the garage search the car...looking for a needle in a haystack. GONE! Three hours wasted no part and one dejected owner....
Everything happens for the best...have faith mbd424. Its only a car.

A new morning brings a new perspective on life and a jag 350...I took a drive down to the garage. I did not recognize it as they had cleaned and tidied the entire garage in order to search for the piston ring! No luck said the garage owner order another one... and so I resigned myself to that- give Andy another 25 quid he deserves it.

Then the "Hand of God" was seen... It took the form of someone who was looking at my car. He came up to me and said "What a beautiful car, where do you get it serviced" 🤒 😂?

I said im looking around for someone who knows these cars...He said that his brother in law has a jaguar 351 and someone called Dr jaguar from the Haifa region maintains it for him!

Haifa! that's only 40 minutes away, amazing. Do you have his number? He phoned his brother in law and got a number...

All of a sudden life looked good....

I got home and phoned Dr jaguar....number unobtainable....:mad:

Here we don't give up easily....there must be a Dr jaguar in number was found of a guy selling second hand jag car parts. I phoned and was answered by a guy yelling at me saying NO Im not Dr Jaguar its a mistake!

We dont give up here easily...

My eldest son belongs to a collectors car forum here as he has restored an alfa romeo 164 (hey Flat Cap they are good cars). I asked him to post a wanted sign saying "Wanted Dr Jaguar from Haifa for my dad" He posted a picture of the Queen riding in her jaguar to get extra attention from the post.

Within 30 minutes he got a reply. "Hi my name is Ohad (Mr Fix) and I am the owner of the garage where Dr Jaguar (Alex) fixes his car! Here is Alex's number...."

God bless the Queen!

That was on a Friday....On Sunday morning I was at the garage in Haifa...

To be continued.....


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Part 3: The First Fix

I pulled in to a small workshop in the north of Haifa where I saw several European luxury cars in various states of repair.

As I drove in I was greeted by Ohad (Mr Fix) who ran the operation. He smiled when he saw the car and said "Nice car I used to fix these in the U.S". He explained that he had been running a shop in Florida that serviced high end European cars for 15 years but had returned to Israel a few years ago. I told him that I had just bought this car as a project and needed a few jobs done. He said that he is a car enthusiast and without further ado he had hooked it up to the computer and began a diagnosis.
'Never seen a 3.6l V8 like yours, in the US they are 4.2 or supercharged', he said.
The computer staring spilling out numbers all over the place, I was getting nervous... Don't worry he said its just clearing the system. He busily began examining the car in and out while explaining to me all about this model and how in its time it was revolutionary. Tech was just beginning,aluminum body and air suspension. I was in good hands- he knew the car inside and out! and He also spoke English (well American english)!
It became clear that Dr Jaguar (Alex) was a jaguar enthusiast from Haifa (drives a 2011 X351 5 liter) who dabbled in buying and selling luxury car parts around the world and Mr Fix (Ohad) was his mechanic. Alex also has a good working relationship with the dealership in Haifa. Between the two of them I could source parts and fix the car up for near enough cost price. The wheeler dealers of Israel!

Well I said , whats the verdict? The car has just passed its yearly MOT with no advisories....

It is a very good car in very good condition, mechanically this is what it needs:
1.To get rid of whirring noise on ignition the vents need syncing and cleaning from within- behind dashboard-fiddly and time consuming job.
2. Reverse flush of heater matrix under the glove compartment and replace thermostat housing and auxiliary water pump to sort out heating and temperature dial. He showed me corrosion around the thermostat housing.
3.4 replacement door actuators to fix central locking-buy them second hand from u.s. Removing door cards is a tricky job on these cars and have to have patience.
4. New compressor-only buy Arnott/wabco. The one you have is not an "original"- its sold on sng barrat site but its made in china. The current compressor is not functioning and after a few minutes it gives up and the light comes on. The air suspension is functioning well and no leaks in the system.I explained to him about Bag-piping Andy and the magic piston seal replacement kit. He said he knows about it but as my car does not have a wabco original compressor he would buy a new one- but it was my call and the kit could be placed on the old one.
5. About key fob and steering wheel lock problem you might need to go to Jaguar but leave it for the moment.

He told me that all of the above issues are really minor ones considering the age of the car and that they are typical to this model. Nothing to worry about...just patience...

I left the car there for him to fix 1 and 2 above (Alex had the thermostat housing part) and I took the train home. Time to get familiar with eBay ...

I phoned the previous owner and told him of the Chinese compressor. He had just one thing to say "Those Bastards!", I never would have sold the car but for that damn light coming on."

In the second hand car business you win some you lose some. We have since become good friends.

To be continued....

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Part 4: Flea Bay, Amazon and the world of on line shopping

'Darling I'm home from the garage, I need some help. Can you teach me how to shop on line?

For years Ive witnessed how, at a click of a button, useless household items have arrived at my front door or worse, I have been sent to various shops to pick them up. It was now time to get even!

I soon began to comprehend how easy it was....all you need is a hand to click, a virtual shopping cart and a credit card There is one simple rule here...try and make each purchase under 75 dollars as that is the tax free limit for goods coming in from overseas. Fortunately many of the companies know this and find ways to help...not to be divulged;).

So on with the show...With my VIN number at hand I began to converse with car breakers from all over the world:

1. 4 second hand door actuators from California
2. Passenger side B pillar champagne trim from Texas
3. Rear middle safety belt buckle from Texas
4. Champagne leather repair liquid from U.K.
5. Platinum touch up paint from U.S.
6. 2 front door seals in sable trim from Liverpool
7. Front and rear mud guards from Germany
8. 3 new rear parcel shelf child seat tethers from Florida
9. Chrome grills, headlight surrounds, b pillar and side mirrors, boot spoiler, leaper for bonnet, from Mina Galleries in California
10. More chrome bling from Adamesh U.K. as well as rear privacy blinds
11.20 new lug nuts to replace the crappy Jaguar ones
12. a lot of small miscellaneous items too many to mention.....
13. 3 guard cats to hold my mobile phone on the 350 dashboard from China:

Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Vehicle Automotive design Mode of transport

Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Vehicle Automotive design Mode of transport

The best jaguar parts made in China🤣👆

Alex kindly ordered me a new wabco compressor at cost

I was shopped out. My finger was sore. The stuff from the U.K. was shipped to my brother in law in London to be picked up in the summer and the rest came directly to me.

Mr Fix phoned a few days later from the garage...'the first fix is complete, the heater works, the vents are quiet and the thermostat housing is done....come an pick up the car'.

To be continued....

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Part 5: Wafting and polishing

I picked up the car from the garage. Mr Fix told me that the auxiliary water pump had also been replaced. The heater and gauge was performing well and the noise from the vents had ceased. Cost 700 quid- cash- including parts and labor. Fair price. Arthur Daley would have been proud of me!

I told him that the door actuators and the compressor were on order and i'd be back in a month after Passover/ Easter holidays. He told me to ignore the air suspension warning light as the suspension is fine.

Away I sailed. It was time to get familiar with my new car.

It was a nice spring day of 23 degrees outside but I put on the heating anyway. The temperature gauge read bang in the middle as it should do as I sped down the highroad northwards from Haifa to Nahariya. The air suspension warning light came on ten minutes after take off, but I didn't care-it was only a matter of a month till it would disappear.

The next month was spend cleaning and polishing and generally having a nice time wafting around the countryside and to the beach. The CD changer worked as did Spotify through the blue-tooth addition that the previous owner had installed. Thats all the tech I need. I spent time reading the F.M. and reading posts on the forum. There i found experts on every posdible subject as well as "nutters" like me doing silly things to and with their jags and having a good time complaining about them. Simple harmless fun...In the evenings I retired to my X350 opened the sun roof, opened and a beer while listening to Bob Dylan- his cadilac is not half as good as my jag!

Automotive lighting Green Lighting Line Font

Plant Motor vehicle Vehicle Speedometer Steering wheel

To be continued....


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Part 5. Never Mind the Quality Feel the Width (and the Length)! Diamonds are Forever.

As you can see from the pictures below the car does not exactly fit the courtyard in a straight line. It has to be parked at an angle to allow the gate to close. In doing so it partially blocks the stairs leading from gate to front door.
The length of the car is 5.03 m. My driveway is 5 meters long. Luckily I didnt take that into consideration at purchase.

Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Land vehicle Vehicle registration plate

Her indoors is not amused to say the least.
"Its too long and wide!" She screamed.
After 30 of marriage all of a sudden size mattered!

I considered my options:
A. Sell the JAG😫
B. Sell the wife💔
C. Sell the house🙃
D. Petition the local council to give me 5 extra centimeters of pavement and rebuild the driveway.💩
E. Buy my wife the diamond tennis bracelet that she'd been eying up.🤗💘

What would you do?

Correct all those that answered E.

With bracelet in hand i came home and shouted...
'Darling im home where are you?
She answered...
'Im hiding
I replied....
'Ive got a surprise for you where are you?
She answered...
'Im hiding
I continued...
'I bought you the diamond tennis bracelet you wanted where are you?
She replied..
'Im hiding in the front closet....

Body jewelry Neck Finger Gesture Thumb

All of a sudden the car had shrunk. It fit perfectly in the drive and no more was said...

Diamonds are forever as is an XJ350!

To be continued....

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Hi mbd424,
Just count yourself lucky you didn't fall for the XJ8L, they are 5.215m long! All of the extra is for rear passenger leg room.
Beautiful diamonds, and after 30 years, I'm sure your wife is the woman from Proverbs chapter 31.
Pete M

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Part 6. Fellow Owners and the Druze Breakers Yard

As a jag owner I spent time perusing the market for similar cars for sale here. Pre 2011 jags are rare but occassionally you find one for sale. The only people who bought them new at the time were very wealthy individuals.

In the past few months i have located 4 X350/358 owners. Two are looking to sell but are having difficulties doing so. On the one hand they are asking too much too start with (about 22000 quid!), while on the other hand very few people here seriously want to buy one as they are worried about running costs of the dreaded jaguar dealership . So the cars remain for sale and everybody is happy.

I met one 358 owner purely by chance in the high street where i parked. He saw my car, came up to me and said lve got a 2008 model but its sunk and i cant drive it. Ive bought a new compressor but dont know what to do....
I gave him advise (i was now an expert after all..:p).

Another owner told me a tale of woe. How his xj350 long 2005 (only 2 in the country that year) had been shipped back to the u k. to have its engine fixed. It still had problems with its air suspension and other matters.

I counted myself very fortunate....but a bit nervous....

In the space of a few months I found myself belonging to an exclusive club . Moreover my car was getting attention and turning heads even to the point of being offerred 18000 quid by a complete stranger on the street. I politely refused. I was in the middle of the restoration.

Word came to me that in a small druze village in the western gallilee only 20 minuites away lay an x350 in a breakers yard. After some quick detective work the rumour was substantiated.
I went to investigate...

Car Vehicle Land vehicle Hood Automotive tire

Automotive parking light Car Land vehicle Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle

Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Hood Light

In front of me lay an entire car, albeit a v6, in a terrible state. It had my interior colour. It had been lying there for several years as its owner had not paid for some bodywork. So it was dumped. Thats how buisness is done in this part of the world. If you dont pay debts your car gets dumped for parts!

From my standpoint there were some parts that could come in handy in the future but on the whole not a great find. The engine was not compatible and could not get title. Might take an alloy or two, the clock and the sound system at a later stage to do a jagdroid conversion. Better it was lying there than outside my house!

A couple of days later Alex, Dr Jaguar phoned with good news. The wabco/ arnott compressor had arrived and had cleared customs without charge! A miracle...
The door actuators had also arrived without duty. The seller put 4 in 1 box and declared 75 $ for 1 as had Mina galleries sent "75 $" of chrome bling as "samples"...

I phoned Ohad , Mr Fix, and said the parts have arrived book me in for the second fix.

To be continued....

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Part 7: The Second Fix

I rolled into Mr Fixs' garage and proudly presented him with a boot full of spare parts and bling.

4 door actuators for the central locking a wabco arnott compressor and bling.

Sleeve Wood Flooring Fashion accessory Wool

Grey Rectangle Wood Glass Concrete

Font Gas Signage Rectangle Brand

After a short discussion it was decided to put in the new compressor and save the bag-piping Andy piston for a future time (hopefully long into the future).
"Ready in a week" said Ohad and I got on the train home dreaming of a life without the dreaded air suspension fault light.
A week turned into two but eventually I got a call saying the car is ready.
I arrived and saw what looked like the grin of a cheshire cat. The two front grills had been upgraded to mesh chrome. The car was smiling and gleaming. Chrome had also been put on the side mirrors, b pillars and front lights.
It was also purring with the sound of synchronized central locking. Music to my ears. It worked!
Mr Fix reported that the doors were tricky to fix and the accutators needed a slight fabrication. The new compressor had solved the air suspension problem.
Cost for bling, parts and labour-1700 pounds. Quite a hit to the wallet but well worth it.

Thanks Mr Fix.... see you for the m.o.t. and service in 10 months...

It was now time to test the compressor on my way home ....5....6....7.....8.....9.....10 whole minuites of driving...No orange fault light!!!!

True happiness of a an x350 owner is the air suspension fault light not coming on... I was one happy cat owner. Money well spent!

I got home put on the painted boot spoiler and fit new plastic buttons on the keys as well as newly printed number plates.

Car Vehicle Wheel Automotive side-view mirror Tire

Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Land vehicle Automotive tail & brake light

Product Watch Rectangle Clock Communication Device

Tire Car Automotive parking light Land vehicle Wheel

The car was now mechanically sound and looking good.
Next stages -beautification of body work and inner trim.

All that to be dealt with after a trip back to the u.k. for a summer holiday✈ to buy more parts🤑

To be continued.....

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That was a joke from a 60s record "you dont have to be jewish".

Id always wanted to tell it and finally had the oppertunity.
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Part 8: Puffins and Parts. A trip to the Land of my Birth

Three years of covid and the skies reopened.
My last visit to the u.k. was in the summer of 2019 when England won the cricket world cup.
Since then the world has changed for the worse....especially foreign travel.

She who must be obeyed comanded , "Enough is enough...were going abroad....i want to see puffins in scotland!"

Fair enough. Orders are a trip was booked: 9 days in bonny scotland and 6 in london. To hell with travel chaos.

I took a liking to puffins....they were the excuse to get jag parts in the u.k.

Puffin Auk Bird Atlantic puffin Bedrock

Over the next month loads of stuff was delivered to my brother in law in london. His spare room had become a jaguar assembly plant.

Packing materials Font Gadget Plastic Package delivery

Brown Wood Vehicle Rectangle Font

Product Vehicle Motor vehicle Font Material property

Food Helmet Ingredient Serveware Cuisine

Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Body jewelry Automotive tire

Automotive design Wood Automotive exterior Bumper Motor vehicle

Rectangle Wood Floor Flooring Comfort

Your gonna have to order an extra case he i did.

Never have puffins been so adored. Cute little things. Could be a great name for a car brand.Jaguar Puffin.

Two weeks before the flight B.A. mail us...."due to staff shortages you flight from heathrow to glasgow has been cancelled!"
There is a later flight. 2 hour choice...
Nothing stands between her indoors and her puffins or me and me jag parts.

After 23 hours of travelling we arrive at glasgow airport....then the luggage belt gets stuck...another hour delay...then the car hire computer pay system crashes....another hour delay...I was about to loose it....
Remind me not to fly again....

Sorry sir take an upgrade from a honda jazz to a new mercedes and we have waived the extra driver surcharge...

Finally after 25 hours i was sitting behind the wheels of a brand new merc......on my way to the bonny bonny banks of loch long...

Vehicle registration plate Car Plant Vehicle Grille

To be continued....

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Part 9: Puffins and Parts. Part 2

A new mercedes is not as nice as an old jag!
My air suspension x350 wafts in comfort while the merc is a hard drive and not that comfortable. That is my opinion. Others will argue.
Anyway we can all agree that a merc is better than a honda jazz :D So the upgrade was a god send.
Driving the A82 and A 9 is a nightmare. I dont know why they are called A roads- no hard shoulders , high pavements and massive lorries and caravans coming at you from the wrong side of the road. I admit that i was used to driving a l.h.d. on the right side. All together a nightmare9 and in pouring rain as well. Her indoors said shes not that explained why we got extra driver fee waiver ... Clever Scot salesman!

It rained on and off for the the entire 9 days we were there especially on the Isle of Skye. But puffins we came for and puffins we shall see.

The Isle of May of Anstruther....a lovely place to be once you've crossed the Firth of Forth in a boat in a gale. On the boat we got talking to two middle aged scottish ladies about the subject on the news-.Scottish Independence. No politician is prepared to face the facts and the real issues they said...child poverty, drug deaths, unemployment etc...Their take...If Boris stays we vote for independence if he goes we vote to stay! Within 5 days Boris was gone- so Scotland stays under the rule of Her Majesty! Hooray! Its that simple!

And all of a sudden there they were... Puffins Galore....

Puffin Auk Atlantic puffin Bird Plant community
Water Plant Water resources Bird Plant community

Cloud Water Sky Boat Watercraft

OK that's enough about puffins....Her indoors was happy and from there up we drove to the Isle of Taliskers and the new Torabhaig distilleries- good stuff. All of a sudden I had forgotten about driving, Come to think about it I'd forgotten everything.
Nothing better to wash down the Taliskers than a pint of Irn Bru. Before ascending the ferry to Mallaig i bought myself a leather flat cap to wear while driving me jag and in admiration of a member of this forum flat cap.

Plant Sky Wheel Motor vehicle Land lot
Artifact Natural material Circle Font Rock
Food Flowerpot Rangpur Plant Liquid

And off we "sailed" to Glasgow airport for my trip to Normans Motors Jaguar specialists in Cricklewood London! My holiday was about to begin....

To be continued.....


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Part 10: Back in Time

B.A. flight from Glasgow to Heathrow left on time-2 hours late. On landing there were no ground staff available at terminal 5 so the plane landed at terminal 2 and we were bussed to terminal 5. What chaos!
Our cab driver was patiently waiting for us...Conversations with london cab drivers can be very informative and enlightening, this one was particulary so. From the price of petrol to the imminent resignation of Boris to the war in Ukraine and the outbreak of W.W.3. He informed me that he was not worried if the latter occurred since as he was from Bangladesh he knew how to grow vegetables and would survive!? After him blaming all the woes of the world on sexual perversion and promiscuity we arrived at our destination.

A quick hello to my brother in law and i went to inspect my parts....all present and correct.All of a sudden Id forgotten all the woes of foreign travel. It was 1 a.m. time to sleep.
I was picked up in the morning by an old friend and after a round of golf went to Norman Motors in Cricklewood to buy parts needed for my next service.

Shelf Retail Wall Shelving Eyewear

Watch World Interior design Art Clock

Window Building Brickwork Brick Road surface

Walking into this shop is like going back in time to the late 1960s. The only thing missng was the brown overalls of the staff. And boy do they know their stuff. Jag specialists dispatching parts to all over the world.

Quite remarkably as I walked in the shop a parcel was being despatched to Israel. The assistant said that the order was for an independant jag specialist in Tel Aviv!. He gave me his details. Peculiar how things work out...

I placed my order to be picked up in a couple of days. No vat on presenting outward ticket and foreign passport. All in all a very worthwhile

On leaving my brother in laws for Luton airport a jag x350 like mine was parked on his was a sign that it was time to come home and finish the restoration.

Automotive parking light Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Car Tire

Cleared customs in tel aviv with nothing to declare

Sleeve Personal protective equipment Bag Uniform Baggage

Mission accomplished.

To be continued.....
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