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Few pics of the new toy..

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Hey guys. Thought id finally get round to posting pics of the new car!

New badge after removing the old ones:

Non standard mods:
Paramount supplied and fitted: XKR bonnet vents, Remap + Exhaust + Filter

Other mods: De-chromed / Aero wipers.

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I am soo... jealous, what a great looking XJR:D
Oh my, we've got twins!

Obviously, I reckon it looks fan-bloody-tastic. Nice one mate!
Bizzare. I was just wondering today how bonnet vents would look like on my XJR.
Whoa, didn't see the vents before, that's different!
Hi Scott. Great looking XJR you got there. :D
+1 love it and if you get bored in the next week or so......
Cracking looking car , looks great
Thanks for the great comments guys..

Any other cool mods anyone thinks i should do??

Scott, stop whilst it still looks good. As a cautionary tale go visit barryboys website there's some horrific "mods" in there.
Haha, i didnt mean body mods as such..

I bought the front bluetooth module to replace the GSM phone but looks like too much hasstle so i might cross that off my list..

Im tempted to do one of the pulley wheels and change the CAT for some extra ponies :)
Ooooh that is a sexy looking motor! Really makes me want to upgrade my wheels!!!
'Fecking Hell' ! Like the vents !
Less is more, cant beat those Sepang 20" wheels must get some, lovely.
What sort of performance increases can you expect from the paramount mods?
I wouldn't over do the mods to much Scott. There's a very fine line on what looks good and whats over done. I would only look at maybe getting the clear side indicator but yours looks great the way it is.
Question for Scott; You blacked out the reflectors in the bumper blades. What's the legality of that? MOT pass/fail?
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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