First Edition F Pace S - EPAS Failure - Severed Bolts on Steering Rack


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Sep 11, 2021
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Hi Folks,

Had some issues with my FE F Pace S recently but hopefully some prior context helps before I ask a myriad of questions:

Just had a wheel bearing fitted on my FE F Pace S at a local Jaguar dealership and as part of the fitting I received a health check on my vehicle. The health check reported that my steering was ok and was given the green light on the report. However, just 26 miles later the steering fatally failed on the way home after picking it up. The car instantly lost all power assisted steering, with no prior warning, and told me it was "reduced" on the electronic dash. "Reduced" was a massive understatement! I wrestled the car home and phoned the garage to notify them of the failure. They told me over the phone that it was a "fairly common" issue that was covered up to 100k miles on warranty (so common that they were looking of increasing the mileage of the warranty repair up to 150K miles) if the bolts that hold the steering rack to the chassis had severed. Happy days I thought as imagine having to replace the rack when you haven't even changed the brake disks on your car yet!! So I took the car to the garage for them to confirm that the bolts that hold the rack onto the chassis had indeed severed but they were NOT covered under warranty and the cost of repair was close to £3K! I'm sure you can imagine my dismay when I received this, especially after being told my car was well within the warranty repair range of the failure. After speaking to JLR head office, I received a goodwill contribution towards the repair and had the car fixed, but still had to cough up 50% of the repair cost.

I just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this on anything across the JLR range? I am aware that JLR have an active recall out for this issue on the Evoque but nothing on the Jag range? I had also heard the rack itself and the bolts used are shared across a large number of models on the JLR range including the Velar. I have subsequently raised a case with the DVSA who are submitting this to Jaguar themselves for further investigation due to the nature of the failure but wanted to see if this was an isolated case. I've put some details of my vehicle below too:

  • 2016 First Edition F Pace S
  • 41000 miles on the clock
  • Purchased approved used in 2019 with ~25k miles on the clock


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Oct 30, 2017
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This does seem to be an accepted fault with Evoques and RR Sports of the time, its even been on TV and petition are being raised demanding recalls for other models fitted with aluminium bolts which corrode with road salt etc.! Bonkers that you should have had to pay for the fix of such a dangerous piece of design.

Have you searched on 'jaguar steering rack bolt failure'?