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First Jag :-)

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Well, I've bitten the bullet, and bought my first Jag!!

She's a late 1997 X308 4.0V8 in Sapphire Blue (not sure of the proper name for the interior, but it's a mix of a light(ish) and a dark(ish) beige colours .... I want to say it's Oatmeal, but not 100% sure), with 107k on the clock.

Had her less than a week, but already:

* Replaced the rear view chromatic mirror (which also fixed the auto-headlights)
* Stripped the instrument panel to replace a number of blown bulbs
* Replaced rear air vents which had broken fins
* Fixed the false "rear bulb failure" faults (thanks to a post on here)
* Replaced clock bulb (unfortunately with a clear bulb, rather than the green one (which I couldn't find))
* Replaced the faded wheel centre (hub) caps
* Oh, and gave her three coats of polish

Gonna fit rear parking sensors next (as soon as I can figure out which wires in the taillight are for the reversing light, and an earth)

Overall, she's got a few dings, but for a 15 year old, she's not half bad.

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Welcome to the forum Minty:D
Thanks muchly :)
Welcome aboard Minty....I hope you have some pics to post of your new Jaaag
Thanks ..... the site isn't letting me upload a piccie :( It tells me I'm 46Kb over my limit :( :( :(
Here she is, post a six hour polishing session, but before any other work :)

(PS - Went the photobucket route - thanks for the link !)
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6 hours polishing, you must love it :cool:
I wouldn't exactly say I love it ..... But even for an oldie (excluding her age related scars), I think she shined up quite nicely :) So it was worth the effort IMHO :)

Still gotta do the interior and engine bay (gulp)
That's one shiny Jag....Six Hours, now that's commitment!
PS - I mean't I didn't love polishing ..... but I must admit, I'm very fond of the car already !! :)
Hi Minty. Lovely looking car you have there I hope you are pleased with her so far. :)
Thanks!! Yup ... I'm love my kitty cat already ... she's got a few odds and sods to do, but being realistic, she is 15 years old, so only to be expected really.

For example, fitted some rear parking sensors to her today, and found out that not only are the two big bolts holding the rear bumper on are seized totally sold, but the fibreglass mounts are shot too :(

The mounts look fairly easy to replace (if the exterior nuts aren't seized too), but I don't know what to do about getting the bolts out of the actual bumper (gulp).
Hi Minty. It´s not too bad a job to do and the new mounts with the bushes are available from Jaguar | Land Rover spare parts at British Parts UK :D
Thanks for the link.

Any idea how to get the seized bolts out of the bumper? They're totally seized and corroded, and have pretty much bonded with the white remains of the mounting bushes :(
From memory I think I cut the bushes off the bolts with care and then removed them.
Fair play!! Time to order some more parts :)
Hi and congrats on becoming a Jaguar Owner......I can help with your interior trim colour.....If you look for the Paint and trim label just above and slightly left of the radiator, you will find your Paint Code and Trim Codes......If it is AGD you have an Oatmeal Interior and if it is NED, you have Ivory. They can look very similar until you see them side by side..

Good luck with all the jobs to be done, but as well as making it shiny, dont forget things like Timing Chain tensioners....Water Pump and Thermostat Tower upgrades....?? ?
Thanks guys.

Luckily, a lot of the usual things were done by the previous owner, and (touching wood and crossing fingers and toes) mechanically, it seems fine so far :)

Oh, and I found the trim code label, so I have an Oatmeal interior (thanks for the pointer).
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