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First time Jag owner saying hello.

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Just bought my first Jag, a 2003 2.5 X Type sport with 72K on the clock. It's replacing a 2001 BMW E39 530d and so far very happy with it, although I will miss the auto box in the BMW.

It has a few little niggles with what sounds like a front wheel bearing needing a change and the engine light on but runs great. Off to the local Jag indy this week to get that sorted and all will be well.

First impressions have left me very pleased, the car drives really well and after being used to a diesel I had to check the engine was still running when sat in traffic yesterday.
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Welcome to the forum, enjoy the Jaguar:D
Hi and welcome i have the 2.5 as well they are very nice cars, :D keep us posted on what the garage sort out
Hi and welcome. I have a 2002, bought 11 months ago 79,000 miles, eat your heart's auto ! Wheel bearing replacement cost us about £120 at local village garage,,,Enjoy !
Just echoing the above. Welcome.

Great car. Hope you get to use the forum a lot, but without having any problems of your own.
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