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First X-Type. 175,000 miles.

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Here in KY, USA. Found a 2.5 X-Type at a private dealership wanting $5,000. Car has 175,000 miles, minor rust around all of the wheel wells. 1 owner.

I need opinions on this purchase. I'm very interested in the car and seeing what I can do with it but I'm not sure if it would be worth the price.

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Not a petrol owner myself, but just been out and helped buy a 2.5 for a friend.

It has got a few miles on the clock for a petrol, I'm not saying it not good for it, but there have been a few with big end problems, knocking and banging.
Whether this is due to wear or low/wrong oil is hard to say.

Along with the engine, the rest of the car will have done the same mileage, transfer boxes that split the drive to all four wheels tend to leak and right themselves off.
Transmission/driveline shunt when taking up drive is another issue, something slack in the drivechain somewhere, stop the car on a slope pointing downwards a little and reverse up the slope, often a shunt can be heard/felt.
Transmission/driveline whine/ringing is also quite common, again something in the drivechain amiss.

Suspension items wear out leading to clonks/knocks/bangs over bumps, wheel alignment off and a wondering car on the motorway with oddly worn tyres are common as well, had it recently, steering the rear wheels and it filled my pants with poo!

Then you have the usual X Type niggles!

Rust is starting to show it's face on a few cars here in Britain (it must be due to our dry and sunny atmoshere!!), sills that run along the bottom edge of each side are showing signs, boot lids, boot floors as well.
I think most of this is due to trapped water because the drain holes are blocking or the seals are just shi'te, though the bottom edge of my tailgate is bubbling and the drain holes are clear.

Don't know what cars tend to sell for over the pond, but $5000 (£3200) seems a little high for here with that mileage, my friends 2.5 SE Estate 2004 with half the mileage was $4300 (£2800)

I can only advise to get out and look at as many as you can (though I guess this may be difficult as wouldn't have thought they are that common over there), drive them all and check them all out properly.

Engine/gearbox issues, rust, fluid and oil leaks and I'd walk away.
Suspension clonks and bangs and I'd want money off to sort.
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If I was going to buy a 175K mile petrol car, I would seriously be thinking about a recon engine and gearbox. As I would assume that you would be keeping it a while, and you might not get lucky, and have as much good mileage left in the old girl. Hope everything goes ok though, good luck.
The transmission shunt you are referring to is down to the rear diff bushes where it's supported onto the rear sub frame, replace both the bushes in the bracket that is on the diff and new bolts (x4), no more shunt, I have recently done this on my car. It's why some scrappies are now selling this part on ebay for cheap.

Just look out for the above mentioned items and you'll be fine.
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