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Fitting a Parrot to a " Premium Sound" Alpine system

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Hi Guys,

Looking to fit a Parrot to a 2005 V6 Auto 3.0 with the amp in the back, ideally using the full preium sound incl subwoofer. The Parrot uses it's own internal amp just to power 4 speakers. I understand there may be a " adapter lead" to do the job properly, but my 2 local dealers don't know it...anyone help ?

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looking on ebay a week or so ago, there now appear to be kits to fit phones to the premium/amplified Jags.

They come with a long cable to goto the back of the car!
Cannot see any - can you give me a link ?
Here is one example. I'm sure I found more though. £20-30.

At least they are starting to exist, so you might find one for your car.

Autoleads 06-098B Jaguar audio mute kit (5032296260986) | eBay
This is for muting the sound, noy for replaying music etc via the amp in the car. I am now told impossible to do as the Parrot has no pre-amp only its own 20 watt amp, so relaying via amp not possible.
Thanks anyway.
"The lead will mute the radio and power the car kit and send the sound of the call to the front speakers"

Looks like it mutes the car, and directs phone calls to the front speakers direct. Fine for phone calls, but not very good for music.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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