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foot well light

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got a light on the passenger side but not drivers side is this right cant find a bulb or holder anywhere divers side
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Mine is the same, its just to keep the boss happy
does look better with led lights , and the side lights are great for £8
I've got one on mine, not sure exactly where the light comes from but it's there!
I had the same problem locating this. With the bulb gone I just couldn't see it with the naked eye.
I stuck a camera under the footwell and took a picture and then spotted it right away! Its on the right hand side.

Edit: Done just that
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thanks for that found it straight away thanks to your photo and yes the bulb was blown
Wonderful things cameras.
Before I start any repair work that involves dismantling stuff I take a few pictures and it does come in very handy especially when re-connecting wires.
Thanks for your post which reminded me that I needed to replace the bulb for the drivers foot-well.
Found I had a bulb stored away in a spare car bulb box and fitted it yesterday. All working fine now.
When you open the doors I've counted up to 7 courtesy lights of one kind another come on.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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