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French X-Typer

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Hello guys,

I'm the recent and proud owner of a 2004 3.0 Petrol X-Type estate, and I have to say that I'm already in love with her. I'm actually searching a lot of technical informations about "how to take care of the beast" and I think that english-speaking forums are the best place for this !

Thanks a lot to accept my membership. :)
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all jaguar owners are welcome here, plenty of info and help on here either in the form of previous posts or self posted questions, x type estate very nice, one of the best looking estate cars in my opinion. hope she brings you plenty of motoring joy :)
I think so too, it is a really beautiful car. And also nice to drive with the 3.0 engine, very smooth.

And with a BRG color and a champagne leather interior, it is a typical english car, at least for the average frenchman ! :)
sounds nice in brg, champagne leather will need a lot of loving to keep it clean, mines liquid silver with half charcoal leather and diesel powered but still sssooooooo nice plenty of big grins for me over the last 2 years of ownership so far, must comment on your very good english by the way.
Not so good as I'd like. ;)

Yes, champagne leather needs to be cared, but it looks wonderful. In fact, when I bought my car it was incredibely dirty inside, I passed two complete days to clean it but now it looks great ! The first owner of my Jag was an italian lady and she didn't take care of ... nothing ! Now the car is OK internally and externally but it asked a some time and some money.

I'm now taking care of engine, gearbox and cinematic chain, I'll also have to change the tyres (should arrive tomorrow) and probably the 4 shocks absorbers. The streets of Roma are not exactly in good conditions ...
Welcome to the forum mate ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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