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Front end creak braking and coming to a stop.

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I’ve noticed this on my XK since I bought it , about 2 years now , I decided to pretend I hadn’t heard it 🤣

It’s not a massive issue , but wondering what it is that’s causing it ?

She’s just had new pads and discs on the front about 2 weeks ago , and will have to go back to the garage next week because of a metallic ‘singing’ from the front drivers side on the new pads and discs , so I was thinking I’d get them to have a look at this creaking at the same time. As ever , forewarned is forearmed as they say.

It only happens when you bring the car to a stop in slow moving traffic , that last final bit of pressure on the brakes leads to a quite noticeable creaking and groaning , noticeably worse when the cars just been washed.

Anyone had this ?
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Does it happen when the car is fully warmed up and been driven for sometime?
It does , unless you brake really gently, you’ll get this creaking
Other than copperslip on the back of the pads, it would be best to have it looked at when it goes in the garage.
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Mine behaves similarly. It is very hard to get it to stop ultra-smoothly - it either creaks or stops too suddenly. I swapped out the stock ATE rear pads for grippier Ferodo ones and it seems to have made making smooth stops easier but didn't cure it. Brakes are working against the idle torque through the gearbox and I rarely manage the smooth stops I can with manual cars.
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Have you tried pushing the front end up and down, one side at a time, when the car is parked to see if the creaking happens.
If it does then you need to examine the front anti roll bar bushes and anti roll bar drop links.
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I have this and they will creak when the car is stationary and you squeeze the brake pedal. I presumed it was just a function of the disc to pad contact and the materials used but thinking about it, when stationary, the disc shouldn’t be moving in relation to the pad. Especially with the car in neutral.

I've had everything apart recently, cleaned and greased when reassembled.
Maybe new guide pin bushes would help? Old rubber parts and all that.
If I understand you correctly you don't get the creaking when bouncing the front up an down when stationary then you should be able to rule out anti roll bar bush or drop link creak.
It's odd that you get it when you press the brake pedal when the car is stationary though.
Changing caliper pins never does any harm and the only thing I can think of is that the front calipers are sticking on the pins and creating a creak as they force themselves along the pins or the pads are binding in the slots they move in. I would make sure the slots are clean using a small wire brush and apply some of the grease that comes with the pins to the pad edges that slide in the slots.
Remember only to use the grease that comes with the pins as it will not swell plastic or rubber and that is important with the slider pin that has the plastic/rubber sleeve at the inner end. This is there to act as a kind of shock absorber when brakes are applied and stops brake chatter, it should not be greased with anything other than the grease supplied with the pins.
One last thing, clean out the slider pin holes in the caliper by using a drill bit which fits the hole and only turn it by hand and then blow the hole out...I find a drinking straw works well to blow the hole out of any crap the drill bit dislodges.
Hope you find the culprit.
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