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Front end rattle - ARB drop links?

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I've spent ages trying to trace my annoying rattle, but with no luck.

I came across this on the US Jaguar Forums: Front end rattle - Jaguar Forums - Jaguar Enthusiasts Forum

Has anyone replaced these parts to fix a similar problem? The symptoms are identical to mine.

I looked at my car & there is a tiny bit of play. I took a leap of faith and got some new links (a very good price) to try it anyway (in desperation!).

If anyone's replaced them, is it worth getting new nuts and bolts too?
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It would be interesting to see what others think. I replaced my front shocks and the dealer noted a loose ARB which they will tighten next week. The knock from the front shock was very loud whereas the ARB noise? Is not there on hard cornering but over slightly rutted roads. It drives me nuts.
I've now replaced the anti-roll bar droplinks. Took me ages to do the first one, while I worked out how to relieve the tension on the ARB, but the second one was not too bad.

All went back together OK. Torqued up with the car on the ground as recommended, but I don't think it's made any difference to the rattle.

I'm really disappointed, as you could detect a little play in the old ones.

I think I'll get a set of the middle two D-bushes and try that next. Probably worth investing in a set of ramps for that job - if I can find any that fit 255 section tyres!

On the other hand, I successfully changed the supercharger oil and replaced the thermostat, so it at least warms up quickly now (will start a new thread, when I upload the photos).

Here it is:
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Shame you don't live a bit closer. My brother made me a set of Mega ramps out of 1/8 inch angle steel. 5 foot long a foot wide and a foot high. Shame I can't work out how to attach a picture of them in action. Only trouble is that I can only just lift them!!
Given that replacing the links didn't cure the rattle, I'm gonna throw a curve ball thought out there to ya .....

Have you had the front brake pads replaced lately?

I had the pads swapped on my mum's X350, and after about a week, the car developed a front end rattle which was only audible on rough surfaces - didn't hear a thing on decent tarmac, or over the odd speed bump or pothole.

Anyway, it turned out that the (not-to-be-named) "high street" brake and tyre shop who swapped the pads didn't put the retaining clips on the pads, so they would simply rattle around in the calipers. Fitted a set of clips, and hey-presto, she's as quiet as a mouse again!!

This may obviously have nothing to do with your rattle, but I thought I'd chuck it out there just in case it helps.


PS - If it's not your pads, good luck with sorting out ya rattle !!!
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Hi Mint,

Thanks for your suggestion. I've only had the car a couple of months, so am not really sure whether the correct pads are in or not (other than it's a full Jag FSH).

The pads seem to fit OK in the calipers and don't move around, but I've not taken them out to inspect.

I have tried braking whilst the car is rattling & it still rattles, so I assume that's not the problem (but am not completely sure).

I'm sure the noise has got worse over the last couple of weeks, so I think I'll have to give in, and book it in to the garage. I'm so focused on the noise now, it's driving me mad!
I too had a front end rattle and it turned out to be the plastic tray underneath the engine, one of the bolts had worked loose.
Have you tried replacing the sway bar bushes? Part number XR8 819697. There is a good thread on the US site on this as people say the bushes look ok but when they are replaced the noise goes. I am fitting to mine soon to rid the rattle.
The undertray was one of my first suspects. Mine is plastic, with an aluminium heatshield on top. Originally, they appear to have been separated by foam, but the foam has disintegrated on mine, causing the ally part to be loose and rattly.

Aha, I thought, and padded it out etc - didn't make a blind bit of difference :-( I even tried removing it altogether, but also with no success.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway!
Have you tried replacing the sway bar bushes? Part number XR8 819697. There is a good thread on the US site on this as people say the bushes look ok but when they are replaced the noise goes. I am fitting to mine soon to rid the rattle.
I think these are the "D" shaped bushes in the middle of the anti-roll bar that are on my suspect list. I think sway bar is what they call an ARB stateside.

Please let me know when you've changed yours and if it makes any difference. Mine's having the corrosion repaired at the moment, so I'll have to ease off spending for a bit until my finances have recovered !
Yes, thats the part, I had a good look when I had the car on the ramp.Its hard to see the wear if any. i have found a supplier who has them made from PU which is supposed to last longer. I have to import them so will do the whole job along with the lower wishbone bushes when they arrive. It doesnt look like a DIY job though as they are set well back.I will post the Jag bulletin later.
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