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Front right seatbelt, Ford mondeo one will fit?

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Hello Jaguar owners,

The passenger seat belt needs to be replaced, It's not retracting at all, can I buy an universal one? or Ford Mondeo one? Anyone faced this before? I'll really appreciate if you share your experience or opinion.

X-type 2002 v6 2.5
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Before you replace it - strip the interior trim and check for twists in the belt, it's quite a common fault
Take a look at this first
Take a look at this first
Thank you very much! I'll take a look at it!
They can be adjusted and put back on track -- no need to replace. I had this issue at the start of the year after I had my Specialty Shop replace the Headliner. I took the "X" to my Auto-Tech and he adjusted them both for me.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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