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Front wheel bearing replacement.

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This is a copy of a thread I have started in the suspension and handling section of the forum, as I'm having no success there I'm hoping sticking it up in here would help:

Hello All,
I need to replace the front wheel bearings on my father-in-laws 1999 XJ8. This weekend I did a bit of investigating and got as far as removing one of the brake discs (not easy!). Anywho, on the rear is a castellated nut which appears to be held in place with two small pins on a flexible metal tab. I'm thinking a punch and a gentle tap will remove them.
My question is, is the castellated nut a left or right hand thread, and what can I use to remove it?.
Also it would appear there is a correct way of refitting this nut once the new bearing is in, but I can't find out what that procedure is.
I'm hoping to remove the bearing from the hub whilst it's still on the car using a bearing puller/pusher. It's the 80mm version. If that's not possible, I do have a vice, but I don't want to go down the route of bashing the new bearing in.

One more query, does it matter which way the new bearing goes in?.

Any hints/tips would be greatly appreciated.

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It would appear this is what I need, really don't want to pay £150. I don't suppose anybody has one that I could borrow/rent for a few days?. I have read on one of the USA forums of some people managing with a 2" 12 point socket, which I will try if I have too.
WHEN I'm succeed in this little project I'll put up a detailed "How to".
It's not easy - although you can do it without that tool you will have to take the bearing to a bench to get it out so you will need a very heavy duty press. If you search the forum there are a few threads on it, one bit of advice is to make sure you remove the ABS sensor in case you need to use heat to get the bearing out as my mechanic burnt mine.
Thanks "oldpoint". You've increased my confidence no end!!. :)
Quick update, basically I wimped out and got a pair of reconditioned units from Eurojag. Piece of cake to fit, so long as you are brave and have a big hammer. Result, Jag has passed it's MOT, Father-in-law is happy and tomorrow is going on a road trip in it. :)
:) Happy days - I was going to do that but the postage charges to Northern Ireland from certain mainland companies put paid to that :-(
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