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Fuel filter service change ?

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Can anyone find a link with a service tick sheet ? So I can see when the fuel filter is supposed to be replaced please. My car is a 2007 x150 XKR :confused::confused:
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Check out the Stickies section.
8-Bit did upload it there, not sure if it’s still available there.
Here you go, think it's 60k for fuel filter...

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Wow 60k for a fuel filter :eek::eek:

I thought Audi were taking the mickey at every 40k!

For the cheap money that it costs me I change mine every year for peace of mind, some of the cheapest maintenance done on my vehicle
Thank you just what I was after Alex
This is for up to 2009 models, so I’m guessing it covers mainly the 4.2 litre engines.

Can anyone share one for the 5 litre engine please? Or is it pretty much the same across the board as far as service goes?

No fuel filter change on 5.0L


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