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I had a garage check diagnostics on my 2.0 D X-Type, and they tell me there's a fault registering with the Fuel Temperature Sensor.

I seem to be getting ambiguous info about the location of the Fuel Temperature Sensor. Although it seems from enquiries about the sprae part that it is located on the fuel pump, one Jag garage spares man was a little unsure if the sensor on the fuel rail was a temperature sensor (I thought it was a Pressure Sensor at the end of the rail) and I have seem a couple of things on Google indicating the FTS might be under the fuel rail. Before I go ahead and buy the spare, is there anyone on here that knows for sure if:

a) the Fuel Temperature Sensor is on the fuel pump and

b) can confirm whether or not there is also a Fuel Temperature Sensor (as opposed to a Fuel Pressure Sensor) on the fuel rail.

While I'm at it, I may as well ask if any expert here knows what the result of a failed Fuel Temperature Sensor would be. My X-Type had a sudden loss of power (no guts but no engine management light up) - don't know whether it is down to the Fuel Temperature Sensor failure so if it turns out that is not the cause I'm going to be checking all the turbo/intercooler hoses next.



There is a fuel temperature sensor on the rear of the fuel pump part number C2S40954 I would get the part number checked as I got the from EPC
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