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G'day from Melbourne Australia.

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Not a Jag owner but always appreciated the marque - and at some stage I'll stop racing and retire with a nice XJS in the driveway.

Main purpose for joining is to get some info on 4 pot brake caliper reconditioning - So please look for my thread under the XJ6 forum.

Thanks in advance for allowing me to join.

(PS - How cool was Steeds XJ? LOL! )
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Hi. Welcome to the forum :)
Thx Jerry - I hope i'm not seen as an "interloper" .

I have memories of my father trailing an E Type through the twisties in my home town back in the 60s in his Mk1 GT Cortina. ...Fell in love with Jags back then.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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