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Getting a CD multichanger working

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I have a 55 plate x-type 2ltr sport which has the standard audio installed just radio and single cd, there is no voice no satnav etc etc just the standard stuff, i have been offered a multi changer + bracket + the D2B lead + the side carpet area which it all sits in.

What i would like to ask is is there anything else that i would need to get the multichanger working, should the connections for the lead already be inplace to connect it up? is there anything that needs to be done at the radio end for it to notice the changer, or is there other components that i would require.

Thank you

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i tried the same thing with my old x all connections were in car ready,pluged unit in ,head unit did not reconize it.after a trip to stealers to program it £80 for 5 mins work!! check first.hope this helps

Hi JMAPUK, Have a look at the thread in the link above. (Post No 3 explains what the plugs are etc.) Great site this .Thanks to all involved.
If you don't have a touchscreen, or anything else in the boot (phone, voice, amp) then you might need to have the D2B fiber-optic network activated by a dealer or indy with an IDS diagnostic kit. It's worth a shot to just plug it in, but past experience suggests it won't be that simple.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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