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Had a few "X's (including wife !!) now a S Type, cold start prob.

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Hi All, Was on here a few moons ago when i had my xj6's my xj8 and back after many a different car with my recently purchased 2000 3.0 s type auto, 77k. Well this is her story, she covered around 65k with full jag history, went in a barn for 5 years, owner took her out, hammered it up the road, and guess what, blew engine to bits. Had a later engine and gearbox fitted, that had covered 20k, so engine and gear box done 32k. Jag service at 73k. MOT and Tax Jan 2013, like new underneath, hardly a mark on her, £900. So, as you do for the first few days is watch the dash for the first warning light, as yet all is well, but..........cold start is lumpy, i reverse out of drive and seems to hesitate then pick up, again and again, kinda feels like an ABS feeling, im sure its not brakes, its the actual idle of the car, so any ideas would be great, once at temp she tends to intermitantly idle rough, now and again smooth. Also what would be the latest engine and gearbox that could have been fitted, and where could i finda stamp on it to date it. I do have two jobs to do, heater valve to replace, passenger door locking solenoid, are there any talk through posts with pics on either, i have searched but not being that much of a mechanic could do with some diagrams (sorry for being dense !!), Well, its great to be back, want to get her running better first before doing the other bits, just in case funds run low, dont want to spend on lock and valve first then no money to get that idling sorted, my thanks in advance.....Kevin.:)
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Hi kevin, how 'later' is the engine and gearbox? I hope it not later that 05/2002!
I dont know, hence trying to date it, why , go on tell me, hanky at the ready !!
Well put it this way- the gearbox box in s type from 1999-2002 April are 5 speed and from May 2005 its 6 speed, its not just one more gear but a different make box, so unless all the electrics have been changed it will not fit/work. Also the 5 speed box had its own oil cooler and the 6 speed had the oil cooler built in the water rad (easy to spot as both oil cooler pipes go into the water rad on the right nand side).
Engine is the same but some sensors are different on the head, inlet manifolds are different too.

The heater valve on pre 2002 is 5 pipe, late 2002s are 3 pipes.

So i do not think its poss to fit engine/box from a May/2002 onwards into your car!
I wasnt told how late the engine was, so as a matter of interest i thought id try and find out, im sure the valve is a three pipe though, will look tomorrow, can i date it from either a gearbox or engine stamp....Kevin.
Well it is very hard to see the heater valve!

No idea about the engine/box codes/numbers, i have been trying to find out if my late 2002 with 195k on the clock still has the gearbox it left the factory with, with no luck!

Back to your problem- you say you don't have engine light on, then all engine sensors are working ok! If it was your ABS your ABS light would be on!

What about the spark plugs, were they replaced then new engine dropped in?

It sounds to me it maybe a spark plug or coil. The problem with coils is they can play up and the ecu will only pick it up and turn on engine light the they get a lot worse.

Read the fault codes, if the ecu light is not on there maybe codes which may show a problem.

Hope this helps, Simon.
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I have just replaced a rear door solenoid on my newly acquired S-type.
Do a search for 'Rear Door Solenoid' by Ed Warren within the S-type section (it'll be no use posting a link as it'll just take you to main page.) I know you're doing the front passenger side but the method will be very similar (no pics but a very well written guide.)

Thanks for that, will have a look, Kev:)
Hi there Kev, I'm assuming its a petrol engine, have you checked the leads to make sure none of them have crawled off the plugs?
Well have had a look around and cant see any thing a miss, new plugs put in not long ago, all seems ok there, BUT...............tonight i let it idle on drive and to me its running rich, and being a fella who is fine with the old cortinas etc that we grew up with, i havnt a dam clue, whilst idling rough as hell, it smoked a bit, and i found it hard to get it to rev cleanly, felt choked, then as it has done before, it ticked over smooth, no smoke, and reved fine, it is intermitant, but a daily thing, , im stuck,:(
This sounds like an air leak (or, vaguely possibly, a bad O2 sensor). That engine quite often has them as many many threads on here show. Often a leak in a hose elbow.

Failing that, a bad coil. Again quite common.

Proper way to tell is using OBD. Check codes, fuel trims etc.
Will have to get it done, anyway of dating this engine, it does have 3 pipes to heater valve, and looks like bottom left two chrome pipes going to rad , i guess thats what Simon was talking of earlier in thread, must be a number somewhere i could use....Kev
Late 2002 onwards had the gearbox cooling on right side of water rad. Also has both a.c pipes running down right-hand of engine, where 99-2002 had a.c down left-hand side (this may be what you can see).
Also have a look at eBay at heater valve, to see their differences/pipe layout.
It maybe down to a leak at the elbow at rear of engine, but this is only on pre May 2002 engines.
You need to read the ecu codes.
Where do you live?
Hi Kev.
It might be worth having a look at the throttle body (it might need cleaning).

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